New Pigment Busters That Will Give You Blemish-Free Skin

Blemish-free, perfect, porcelain white skin is prized among women in Asia. If you don’t believe me, google the latest fashion horror originating in China, the facekini. With regards to worsening hyperpigmentation, while it is true that sun avoidance and sun protection is probably vital, let’s not forget that treatment is also required for one to fade pesky pigmentation away.

Here are two of the latest breakthroughs in pigmentation treatment that you will want to know.



The horrific mutagenic and carcinogenic side effects of skin bleaching agent hydroquinone are well-known. Cyspera is an exciting new lightening cream for fading stubborn pigmentation such as melasma like hydroquinone or Kligman’s formula, without the associated scary side effects. The active ingredient is Cysteamine, and has actually been around since the 1960s and is actually found in breast milk! It is a tyrosinase and perioxidase inhibitor (translating to less melanin production) and is applied once a day to rested skin for at least 16 weeks. The problem with Cysteamine is that it smells bad and this has limited its use, until one scientist managed to dampen down the smell by altering the solvent. Now Cyspera cream is used as a skin primer before starting on adjunct hyperpigmentation treatments and as a maintenance regime after.

Pico Pigment Laser

Be cautious of lasers that use high heat. The deeper the pigment, the lower the energy it needs to be, usually. The picosecond pigment laser is the latest generation Nd:YAG laser uses ultrafast pulsing to shatter pigment fragments photoacoustically into a very fine dust. This allows the body to clear pigments away more efficiently.


The best thing about the pico pigment laser is there is rarely any downtime. As with all skin treatments, sun protection is vital, or you could risk worsening of your hyperpigmentation instead!

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