The Age To Start Botox

In South Korea, people actually go for plastic surgery earlier rather than later – the theory is you get to enjoy your facial “tweakments” for more years when you do it really early. That’s acceptable, although maybe the rest of Asia (or the world) may not be as open-minded when it comes to permanently altering one’s features, even if it eventually makes one much more attractive-looking permanently, but we are getting there. People are more proactive about small, non-invasive injectable treatments than before. So if you are worried about a few lines that have started to show and wondering if you are too young for Botox, you are not alone. But how young is too young? Contrary to what people think, there is no magic number doctors work on. Instead, the decision to botox is based on the appearance of your skin, how strong your muscles are, and some lifestyle factors. Here’s how to tell if when you might need it.


There are no signs of expression lines at rest, but you have a weird headache.

There is a good chance the muscles of your upper face are too strong. Check your frown and forehead lines. If the expression lines are strong, it will be prudent to have them checked out and have Botox injected preventively, even if you are under 30. In this case, baby doses will usually work since you only need to relax the muscles a little, such as Microrefine Botox.


Lines are starting to show at rest.

Think of wrinkles are the static lines you see on a piece of crumpled paper.

This could start as early as your mid-twenties, consider getting your first Botox treatment soon, before they become deeply etched wrinkles. Botox works by relaxing target muscles, so that they don’t contract as much, and keeps the overlying skin relaxed, preventing worsening of fine lines.


People keep asking you why you are angry, even when you are not.


Some things contribute to a serious look, or the Resting Bitch Face, which is a way to describe women who look too serious or rude, even when they are expressionless. More often than not, it is caused by a strong frown, which causes a ridge or deep vertical | or || between the brows, making one look angry. This imposter syndrome can be alleviated by smoothening the frown lines with Botox.


You are not yet 35 but you are constantly out in the sun.

It is not a myth that sun exposure is a really potent skin ager. Photoaging is premature aging of the skin and causes fine lines and wrinkles to peek and say hello earlier than most people would expect. In this case, it is more important to look at the expression lines instead. If the dynamic lines are starting to linger after the expression is gone, it is best to start Botox.


You are 30 or younger, constantly out in the sun and you smoke.

OK, it could be 35 or 40 for someone of dark skin, but you get the idea. Have the fine lines checked out as soon as possible.






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