Do Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatments Really Work?

Closely rivaling facial rejuvenation treatments in terms of popularity, non-surgical body contouring treatments offered by medical aesthetic clinics are now a thing in the world of non-invasive, attractive-sounding treatments. Almost all of these fat reduction treatments have claimed easy and painless solutions to getting rid of unwanted fat or skin tightening, without needles, knife nor downtime.

But can we really shrink a fatty belly, shave off unwanted saddle bags, carve out the inner thigh gap with these treatments? Bear in mind that these treatments are not exactly cheap so it’s probably prudent to first find out which ones will work for you.



Imagine if there was a treatment that prevented the body from producing and storing fat, or redistributed fat from one location to another for a more flattering shape. This is now possible with fat freezing, a treatment which freezes and destroys fat cells – permanently.


Fat Freezing With Coolshape

Coolshape is a fat reduction treatment that actually works. A popular non-invasive option to liposuction surgery, this FDA-approved treatment can be performed on various parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and even the double chin. 2 fat-freezing probes (which can be swopped to accommodate the requirements of the area to be treated) are connected to one machine, which draws the treatment area between cooling plates for controlled freezing. All it takes is for the doctor to determine the treatment plan, and 60 minutes to complete one session. The procedure is fairly comfortable and up to 20 to 25% of a treatment area is expected to be reduced each time.

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ONDA Coolwaves

Only less than 2 years in the market, this fat reduction treatment is already proving itself to be one of the best non-invasive technology for body contouring. Using special microwaves, it stimulates fat cells metabolically, resulting in shrinkage and elimination of fat cells naturally. The ONDA Body Magic treatment is also interesting because it also deals with cellulite and skin tightening – effectively reducing the hated dimples in our skin.


Bottom-line is, if you are obese and need to radically shed some weight, body shaping treatments are probably a waste of money. On the other hand, if you are around your ideal weight and just need some help shaving an inch here and there, these treatments might be all you need (and sometimes just about the only treatments that will work) to achieve your desired body shape.

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