4 Things To Do To Save Your Neck

Sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck is a universal cosmetic problem. Like taxes, it affects all of us. An aging neck is one of the top complaints in those aged above 40. Luckily, unlike taxes, there are safe and legitimate ways to save your neck.


1. Botox Neck Lifting

Known as the Nefertiti Lift, this technique relaxes the platysma muscle of the neck, allowing the opposing facial elevator muscles to be more active, resulting in a more lifted and contoured jawline. Expect less obvious jowls and a more defined jawline with this quick fix. A Nefertiti lift lasts between 3 to 6 months on average. While it is not permanent, the procedure is really effective and easy, so most people would go for it at least once or twice a year.


2. Non-invasive skin tightening

Have you noticed your skin droop but feel that a surgical facelift for it would be an overkill? Or if you would rather try something completely non-invasive, try Trinity Facelift, a program designed to reverse a mild to moderate sag, sans scalpel. This protocol consists of Ultherapy which dives 4.5mm beneath the surface of the skin to induce a collagen stimulating response for a gradual skin lifting effect and Thermage, which uses radiofrequency to tighten the skin. Results can be appreciated from approximate 3 to 6 months after after a single treatment.


3. Neck Threadlift

A minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure using bio-dissolvable threads (Infinity V-Lift), which repositions sagging skin to a more youthful position. These threads are made of suture materials, and have very small cones or graspers which grab hold of the skin and allows re-suspension of the skin to a more lifted, contoured position. For the neck, this treatment recreates the jawline and tucks in the double chin instantly. While it typically requires a little downtime of a few days, compared to the surgical facelift, the recovery process is much easier and faster.


4. Youth Savant

Deep horizontal neck lines are more common than you think, these occur on everyone but some people have worse lines than others. If you have them, just moisturizing alone will not really help. Try Youth Savant, a DNA boost for aging skin cells. This skin rejuvenating treatment provides structural blocks of DNA into skin, restoring skin to its youthful plumpness.

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