Age-Proof Your Hair With These Doctor-Approved Tips

When it comes to hair loss, genetics and age play major roles. While you might not be able to trade limp-thin-prematurely-ageing genes for shampoo-ad DNA, there are many other factors that are in your hands. Stress, stealth dietary deficiencies and hormonal imbalance are just a few of the most common strand saboteurs triggering increased shedding or accelerating the age-related thinning; as is subjecting your crowning glory to frequent abuse from hair dyes, perms, tight hairstyles, hair dryers and other heated styling tools. So thick, luscious hair might be just a few lifestyle tweaks away!

Besides ensuring your diet contains plenty of hair-raising nutrients such as lean and soy proteins, iron and biotin (yes, you tend to lose more than weight with overly restrictive diets), the latest medical hair innovations are very helpful to counter the effects of an ageing scalp and our fast-paced urban lifestyle.



Medical clinics that offer comprehensive hair restoration services are still a rarity in Singapore. Doctors of the SW1 Clinic, one of Singapore’s largest aesthetic and plastic surgery establishments might have found the right formula to combat hair loss. In their newly minted Hair Clinic, medical-grade hair treatments are designed for those who want results, without downtime.



Recognising the subtle early cues of an ailing mane – a widening part, or simply just finer, limp strands? These are usually due to weakening of follicles and you can act proactively to arrest this process early with scientifically-backed scalp treatments.

The Revage 670 Hair Laser is a hair laser system what emits painless laser energy to stimulate blood flow to nourish weakened follicles, pushing them into active growing phase. 30 laser diodes rotate around the scalp, helping to kickstart cellular metablism and results in a stronger mane over time.

Revitascalp, a mixture of medically selected hair nutrients including its star ingredient minoxidil is massaged into the scalp by a trained therapist. In case you didn’t know, minoxidil is an FDA-approved drug to treat hair loss by prolonging the growth phase of hair follicles.

Both Revage and Revitascalp are found in the Keramax Scalp Program.



An alternative to more invasive hair transplants, the Full Potential Program involves a novel technique that makes use of one’s own healthy follicles, which are transported onto balding areas of the scalp to halt hair miniaturization and hair loss, and even induce hair growth. Unlike the traditional hair transplant which involves transplanting hair follicles one by one from one place to the other, this quick 60 minute procedure does not require extensive grafting and results are said to be usually visible from 3 to 6 months onwards. More severe instances of hair loss may still require a full hair transplant, or may require 1 or 2 more sessions to see results.

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