We’ve identified the saboteurs standing between your skin and that ineffable radiance. The lit-from-within glow is not restricted to supermodels and celebrities only – find out how you can amp up your skin’s wattage.



Radiant skin reflects light, but more often than not, we are not doing enough to let this property shine. Millions of skin cells are shed daily, and a large proportion of these do not fall off quickly enough and masks your skin with a dull, grayish tone. Getting rid of this pesky layer actively will improve your glow factor immediately.

Try a regular facial scrub such as the biphasic Crystal Healing Oxygenating Scrub twice a week, or try a hydrating serum with chemical exfoliating properties, such as Sleep Mode, which contains glycolic acid. Once or twice a month, try a cleansing ritual such as SW1 Spa’s ultrasonic cleansing, which uses ultrasonic wave motion to get rid of surface skin cells as well as impurities.



Makeup holds dirt and oil in your pores, and if the day’s filth lingers overnight, it will damage your skin while you sleep.

Remove your makeup with a makeup remover, and use a gentle cleanser which dives deep into pores to dislodge traces of oil and dirt. We like Skin Gym, a oil-based thermal cleansing gel which contains traces of salicylic acid – not enough to dry skin up but effective at getting your pores squeaky clean.



Speaking of sun damage, the first thing that comes to mind is UVB rays, which are responsible for burning skin. But UVA rays are the real skin-agers – these do not burn skin but over time they accelerate skin aging, resulting in premature fine lines and wrinkles. Did we mention sun over-exposure causes pigmentation as well?

Prevention is better than cure for this, and the best habit one can adopt is to apply sunscreen daily religiously. We like Umbrella, a physical sunscreen with SPF 70. It is gentle, lightweight and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Those with pigmentation woes may look at the Porcelain Skin Program, which uses state-of-the-art picosecond laser technology which gently eradicates pigmentation without much downtime. If, however, you don’t mind 12 to 24 hours of mild redness, try the Baby Skin Program, which features the BB Aquatouch thulium laser, well-loved for its pigment scrubbing and skin brightening effects. Expect a definite glow within 1 or 2 sessions!



Stress causes cortisol hormone levels to go up, and blood flow is directed away from your skin to your vital organs for the flight and fight response.

Try Vitamin Therapy, which starts with cleansing and exfoliation, followed by deep infusion of vital ingredients which help fight radical damage, heal cellular damage and stimulate collagen production which improves the flow factor of the skin.



Loss of hydration deep in the dermis causes deflation, which causes less light to be reflected.

A good moisturizer will help drive moisture into the skin, but for best results, plump up the skin from within with Revitalift Face, where baby soft hyaluronic acid fillers are injected directly into the skin, which draws water to it naturally.

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