3 Reasons Why You Should Botox In Your 30s

While there has no been studies to date showing that Botox is effective as an anti-aging treatment, it has been around long enough by now for people to know that it is not a farce. Question is do you start early, or late? If you are in your 30s, here are 3 top reasons why you should considering having it done.



“How early should we start to Botox?” – is a common question asked by many. While it is common sense to Botox around your 40s, when most wrinkles have already started to show for at least a few years, it is too early to Botox when wrinkles are just starting to show, or being barely visible? Doctors now recommend starting Botox earlier, ahead of full wrinkles forming, rather than having Botox done to soften the appearance of wrinkles late. That’s because when Botox is done in the latter, it does not take the wrinkles away, but merely prevents the muscles from contracting too much so that the wrinkles are less visible. In the former, wrinkles are done solely for prejuvenation – preventing wrinkles from forming in the first place.



The start of the third decade of life may have one noticing a rounder chin, or a less defined jawline. This is because our skin produces less and less of collagen and the aging process starts as early as our mid twenties. Squarish or round faces may find a nifty solution with the V-Sculpt Facial Program which bundles Botox jaw slimming injections and non-invasive jaw-shaping procedures for a V-shaped visage that looks genetically blessed!



Fine wrinkles and enlarged pores? Try Micro-Refine, a procedure which uses baby doses of Botox finely distributed over the face and/or neck. This results in a pore-to-pore skin tightening effect, eliminating fine lines and shrinks the sebaceous glands at the same time, resulting is smooth and clear skin without actually paralyzing facial muscles.

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