These 5 Aesthetic Treatments Make The Most Difference To Your Face

Our quest for the best aesthetic treatments that will address all our niggling beauty woes is probably never ending. Problem is there are so many treatments, how do you choose from the best? Here are some of the best cosmetic trends designed to solve certain issues to ensure you get the best results!

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Large pores, fine lines, loose skin, or scars? If you have any of these problems or find that the aging process has brought you a few steps back and you have all of these issues, try Youth Savant, a treatment that increases your skin’s natural resilience. Furnishing your skin with polynucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, this multi-tasking treatment has been shown to improve skin texture, elasticity, hydration. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects, aiding in skin repair and regeneration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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Dark undereye circles that don’t get better with creams or more sleep? This beauty bugbear is a universal beauty woe. These are often caused by pigmentation, but experts reveal that anatomically, the shadowing can also be caused by a tear trough deformity, which is characterized by a sunken appearance of the undereye area. The good news is this can easily be treated with a series of pigment lasers as well as soft, hyaluronic acid fillers such as Revitalift Eye. Check out the Eye Illuminator Program here.

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Cloudy complexions can try the SmartX Lite treatment for instant skin revitalization. This low downtime carbon dioxide laser treatment comes in fine spray set which sets it apart from other lasers. Expect an improvement in skin texture and elasticity, dramatic softening of deep wrinkles and erasing of fine lines with the Dazzling Skin Program, a series of 6 SmartX Lite sessions.



Losing your distinct jawline can be devastating for many. Although gradual, the aging process results in a lowered rate of collagen production and skin succumbs to gravity and droops, usually by the 40s. The Infinity Neck Lift uses mini threads which holds and repositions skin of the lower face to a more youthful state instantly.



One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, Botox can be used to relax certain muscles in the face to minimize deep wrinkles on the face. Injected superficially, into wrinkle-free parts of the face, it can tighten large pores and reduce activity of the oil glands, smoothening and refine pores. But like it or not, Botox inspires fear and confusion. One of the biggest mistakes of Botox is too much of it, resulting in an unnaturally smooth and expressionless look. But doctors have found a way around it. Rechristened Microrefine Botox, a more diluted version of the original Botox treatment, this “gentler” treatment is popular with those who want Botox to smoothen out fine lines, but are terrified of the frozen look.

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