The Facelifts Of Tomorrow – Three Skin Treatments That Will Reduce Your Skin Age Drastically

The anti-aging treatments of tomorrow will relax wrinkles, smoothen out fine lines, firm the skin and even fill up lines on the face. Check out these 3 powerful doctor-approved treatments that will reduce your skin age drastically.



A youth miracle in a needle, they say. Youth Savant contains polynucleotides (PN), the building blocks of DNA required for cellular survival in our skin. Purified from salmon germ cells, our skin uses these DNA building blocks to build a natural resilience, resulting in younger, more youthful skin. Normal skin is not only subject to normal aging processes, it is also subject to inflammatory processes and damage brought on by the environment. Youth Savant contains PNs which aid in wound healing, and anti-inflammatory effects. One can expect improved skin elasticity, hydration, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, enhanced skin repair and normalization abilities, as well as improved skin tone and texture.



Move over IPL, the BBL is the new multi-tasking light treatment for our skin rejuvenation needs. The Scition Forever Young BBL (broadband light) is the only protocol that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, in a study conducted by Stanford University, showing that the BBL technology functionally changes the skin, making aged skin behave like young skin. In subjects who received the Forever Young BBL treatment over a few years, there was marked improvement in fine lines and wrinkles using this FDA- approved BBL module.



Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment that has been used for skin tightening purposes. Using RF energy to heat tissue, a productive wound healing response is created, resulting in stimulation of subdermal collagen which reduces fine lines and tightens loose skin. The new Thermage is armed with a cooling tip which protects the skin surface and optimizes patient comfort, so painkillers are rarely needed. Expect to see a firming effect from 3 months which lasts approximately 1 year.


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