The New Age Microneedle Lift You Need To Try Right Now

So you want to look fresher, younger, faster. The sagging skin around the jawline and the jowls add 10 years to your looks and it bothers you (rightfully).

What are your options then, if you don’t want a surgical facelift? Anti-aging aficionados will agree that not every less invasive treatment out there fulfills its promise. Truth is everyone’s skin makeup is a little different, and people respond variably to these collagen-inducing treatments.

You may have read or even done a few non-invasive skin lifting treatments such as ultrasound focused ultherapy (or HIFU) and radiofrequency (RF) Thermage. If your sag warrants a little more work, then apart from the surgical facelift, you will probably need a thread lift, or another new age lift, such as microneedling RF.

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If this is the first time you’ve heard of microneedling, you need to know that microneedling is not new. The first documented use of microneedling was in 1905 by a German dermatologist. This resurfaced the skin with a rotating wheel and was used to treat scars. In 1995, microneedles were used on the skin to treat wrinkles and scars. This treatment gained popularity as it showed success in treating various skin conditions, using the body’s natural ability to heal (producing collagen and elastin which smoothens out the skin).



This new treatment takes microneedling to a whole new level, delivering RF enegy directly to the dermis via small needles. The RF energy heats up underlying skin layers, constricts and tightens the skin, and stimulates collagen/elastin production. This direct form of RF stimulation is precise and deep, producing better, faster and more impressive rejuvenation results. The Profound Contour Lift procedure is the only treatment that has been shown to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, yielding a 100% response rate for total patient satisfaction. In particular, Profound effectively treats:

  1. Mild to moderate skin laxity
  2. Acne scarring
  3. Fine lines and wrinkles

Traditional microneedling is a handheld rolling device which contains many small needles and makes many pin pricks in the skin, kickstarting a wound healing response in the skin. Microneedling RF introduces controlled heating into deeper layers of the skin, effectively generating a stronger response and resulting in thicker, smoother and more radiant skin in a shorter time. It is no wonder that some who have tried it say microneedling RF is revolutionary.

Note that microneedling is different from dermarolling, which is a more superficial treatment that enhances product absorption. The former punctures the skin’s outer layer but penetrates deeper, encouraging the skin to respond and build.

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