Pre-Party Beauty Treatments To Get You Flawless In 60 Days

Every bride-to-be wants to look their best on the big day, but not everyone knows how or has the time to prepare themselves ahead. We’ve put together a top-to-toe bridal beauty checklist brides (and even wedding guests) can do in the 60 days leading up to the wedding day.

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It is not uncommon for brides to go on a diet and exercise regime as early as a year ahead to get in shape for that Vera Wang number. If you feel you have some parts of the body you need to trim, rather than a full-on surgical liposuction at this stage, try Coolshape, an FDA-approved fat cryolipolysis treatment that freezes away fat and sculpts your body perfect without any downtime. Up to 25% of a treatment area is expected to be lost, and multiple areas can be performed on the same day. For those looking for a bargain for multiple areas, check out the Supermodel Sixpack Program. Results can be expected in approximately 8 weeks.

Those with acne woes can also enquire about the Purity Program at the SW1 Clinic. Performed by their highly trained doctors, the star treatment of this program uses the Sciton Broadband Light (BBL) in 3 different wavelengths (BBL Forever Clear) to eliminate acne and brighten skin at the same time!

Part of the big day involves lots of photo-taking. To ensure you are always photo-ready, get rid of the double chin and tighten the saggy jawline with Sygmalift, a fractionated HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) treatment which delivers ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin to firm up the skin. This treatment is ideally performed another 2 to 3 times leading up to the big day for best results.

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Once you have shaved off the fat, try a new cellulite busting and skin tightening treatment to firm and tone up your body with Onda Body Magic. A novel treatment that uses microwave energy (yes you heard me right), it basically increases the metabolic activity of fat cells, effectively shrinking them. The heat applied for skin tightening results in contracture and also kickstarts a collagen-inducing healing response, firming skin up in no time.

Texturize and brighten your skin and clear it of dead and useless skin cells with Glamour Peel, so that your skin starts soaking up your beauty skincare products from here. The doctor will tailor the peeling treatment according to your skin needs.



From here on, focus on clearing your skin. The Illumi Facial uses the power of light (BBL) to brighten the skin instantly and a Skintyte infrared component gently heats up the skin to tone it.

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Try the Monroe Hydrafacial which is a 90 minute facial built on the patented Hydrafacial MD, well-known for clarifying and brightening the skin. The Monroe further infuses Pearl Eclat, a potent skin brightening serum comprised of rice and carrot stem cell extracts and glutathione (a powerful skin brightening antioxidant) into the skin, and finishes off with a Pearl Eclat gel mask which delivers an almost iridescent glow. Seeing is believing for this one!

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