Here’s How You Can Body Sculpt Without Surgery

I have always envied people who live in countries in the temperate zones of the southern and northern hemispheres. Folks like me in Singapore who live literally in middle earth – near the equator bear with the monotonous hot and humid climate all year round. So we don’t have the luxury of hiding beneath thick winter coats, and the motivation to keep in shape needs to be there throughout. If you are a distance away from your weightloss goals, here are some of the latest fat busting treatments that delivers results, without having to go under the knife.

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The number 1 secret of weight loss that no one talks about? Poop. The fact that extra poop sits around in your body IS excess weight. An optimal giestive system aids with weight loss. Detox gently with Daily Cleanse, an all-natural bowel regulator that contains digestion-optimizing botanicals. This also helps reduce gas and bloating and helps maintain a flat stomach.


Need to detox for weight loss? Try Daily Cleanse, an all-natural bowel regulator which also helps to reduce gas and bloating.


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Stubborn fat can be found in both people who exercise a lot, and also in people who don’t. Unfortunately these pockets of fat just refuse to go, no matter how much you exercise. Women are more prone to storing fat in some places such as the hips, bottom and thighs. Coolshape, a procedure that freezes fat cells but leaves other non-fat tissues intact actually reduces stubborn fat in areas that no amount of dieting or exercising can help get rid of. Popular treatment areas include the tummy, flanks, the inner thighs, and even the pocket of fat just beneath of your bottom (the banana roll). For the upper body, Coolshape can be used to tame bingo wings and annoying bra bulges. Each treatment gets rid of approximately 20% of the area, permanently. Results are usually visible from 8 weeks onwards, and can be repeated on the same areas after this period. Try the supermodel sixpack program, a bundled offer of six sessions of Coolshape and Dream Body Tone, a signature lymphatic massage if you have multiple areas to treat.

Fat cells undergo programmed cell death after fat cryolypolysis.

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Onda Body Magic is the latest fat buster on the block. Using microwave energy (yes you heard me right), this skin smoothie comes with a cooling handpiece which is applied in a circular motion within a treatment area by a trained therapist. Onda basically increases the metabolic activity of fat cells which makes them leaky and then shrink! There is no pain and actually feels like a hotstone massage. A smaller handpiece is also available, providing more shallow treatments such as cellulite and skin tightening.

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