Pore Police: How To Transform Your Skin In 4 Weeks

Different women may want different looks – some prefer bigger eyes while some may be perfectly happy with their single eyelids, for example. But the quest for smooth, poreless, radiant skin is the most universal. Pores are the most misunderstood – it is almost as if they were made to be visible, being the natural channels for oil and sweat and even contain hair follicles. Little wonder, so many complain of large pore problems, especially in our hot, humid climate. Here are the best tips to get that flawless complexion.

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TIP #1 Scrub For A Fresher Canvas

Who would have thought something so basic can be so crucial a step to achieving better skin, at the comfort of your own home? Frequent exfoliation removes dead skin cells and encourages cellular turnover. A fine scrub such as Crystal Healing Scrub is different from other cleansers – its fine granules effectively dislodges debris and stimulates microcirculation. A special oxygen-releasing formula infuses the skin with oxygen for to purge skin of free radicals, resulting in a fresh glow everytime!

Chai’s Crystal Healing Scrub is a dual-phasic mask cum scrub which removes unwanted debris and exfoliates the skin. It then releases oxygen for the perfect glow.

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TIP #2 Hydrate For Smooth And Plump Skin

This doesn’t mean moisturizing adequately makes your face look fat. And have you ever wondered why sometimes your skin looks better in the mornings and no-so-great in the late afternoon? Turns out, the “morning skin” may not be a myth. After a night of rest (lying flat), the fluid in our body is more well-distributed. Fluid flows to our faces and helps to fill out lines, plumping the skin and tightens pores, making all these a lot less invisible! To maintain that suppleness, ensure you moisturize and moisturize, and drink lots of water throughout the day.


TIP #3 Laser Peels With Pore-fectional Help



Those with large pores and oily skin can try a laser peel, such as this carbon peel found in the Pore Perfection Program. A fine layer of special liquid carbon is applied over the face and allowed some time to dry. Then harnessing the power of laser light from a picosecond laser, it stimulates many small mini explosions of the small carbon particles within pores and over the surface of the skin, firstly removing dead skin cells, emptying clogged pores and removing oil, and then closing the pores shut. This laser promotes skin elasticity and gives skin a instantly bright, healthy sheen. The Pore Perfection Program is said to reduce acne scars and post-acne pigmentation marks and also smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles!

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TIP #4 Try A Product

For instant pore cover-ups, try a pore minimizer. These absorb oil and leave you with a smooth, matte complexion, essentially masking out pores, making them less visible.

This is a great pore minimizing balm for oily skin, giving a smooth and matte finish. The thing about pore minimizers is while they are great at making pores less visible, some formulations can clog up your skin. Unfortunately this made me break out.


Hologram is a pore-minimizing skin primer which contains skin-enriching vitamins blended into a non-oily, silky base which deflects light and “blurring out” pores. Perfect as a makeup primer or on its own. *Hint – even the men love it!




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