Your Skincare Regime based on your Menstrual Cycle


Does your skin welcome you to ‘breakout city’ when it’s time of the month? We all know from Biology that female sex hormones are responsible for our menstrual cycle and their link between acne, but were you aware that your menstrual cycle has a lot to do with ‘good skin days’ too? Women are naturally designed to look better when they’re more fertile. Understanding the relationship between your hormone levels and your skin can help you deal with changes over the course of the month. Here’s how you should deal with your skincare to get the most out of your skin every day of the month.

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Day 1-6: During Your Period – Menstrual phase

Cycle Day One corresponds to the first day of your period, at which point where both the level of your oestrogen and progesterone are very low. You body temperature usually falls during this period, which slows the blood circulation and the metabolism leaving you feeling a little washed out. Skin will be sensitive, blotchy and at its driest at the first few days of your cycle.

Products to use:

Sapphire oil is s balancing oil that contains soothing chamomile.

Facial oils – To help soothe your skin, use facial oil that contains anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients like green tea, chamomile, Rosehip or Argan oil. Massage in gently into the skin in upwards circular motion to promote circulation. Sapphire oil is specially formulated to hydrate and soothe problematic skins that are acne-prone. Imparting a dry finish, it contains azulen derived from chamomile that reduces inflammation at the same time. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are vital for healing and skin repair, this innovative facial oil comes in a roller applicator that makes spot treatment a breeze. Roll over desired areas like under eyes, lips, anywhere with fine lines or use as an all-over facial hydrator.

Rose gold serum intensely hydrates and nourishes dry irritated skin

Intense hydration – Choose products that contains additional natural humectants. Treat your skin with extra TLC with Rose Gold Serum and exaise the ingredients are all natural, it is excellent for skins which are irritated or sensitive. Ut also works wonders around the eye area, lips and on the neck. This serum is designed to adequately nourish and protect you from your hormonal changes that shows on your skin. Apply on clean skin over entire face and neck for optimal results.

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Day 7-14: The week before ovulation – Follicular phase

This is the time to maximise your ‘good skin’ days. Skin usually look its best at this time of the month when oestrogen levels begin to rise. Oestrogen reduces sebum secretions from the sebaceous gland, lightly lubricating your skin and pores are usually at their smallest. The general condition of your mind, body and skin improves. Since there’s a good balance of moisture and oils in the skin, now is the time to actively optimise the condition of your skin through the right skincare. (Tip: It may also be a good idea to try brand ew products or treatments after your period rather than right before to prevent provoking the sensitive cranky skin unnecessarily).

Products to use:

Citrine is a high potency vitamin c that comes freshly packed in little vials, and is to be used with an activator for optimal results.

Products high in Vitamin C content – Fend your skin against damaging rays and environmental aggressors with Vitamin C-containing skincare, religious sunscreen use and an antioxidant-enriched diet with with loads of fruits, berries and veggies to optimise your ‘good skin’ days. Choose a professional-grade, high-potency, pure vitamin C such as Citrine Vitamin C to optimise your glow and skin clarity. Not only this topical vitamin C powder boost your skin health and radiance almost instantly, it also even out skin tone, activates skin glow and boost skin healing. Just add a little sprinkle of this high-grade, pure vitamin C powder to the activator, then massage into clean skin and alluring skin tone will be yours in just minutes!

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Days 15-28 : After ovulation and right before your period – Luteal phase

Okay, here comes the ‘bad skin’ days and it’s time to fend off breakouts. As the body secrets high levels of progesterone, the risk of skin problems is highest about now. Sebum secretions tends to rise at this period of time together with body temperature. This creates a skin environment favourable for acne and other minor skin problems. Your skin is usually at its worst during the days leading to your period. Your skin will need to be protected but not overwhelmed with products.

Products to use:

Clear Tonic is an excellent treatment to prevent pimples as well as to soothe existing breakouts.

Acne Spray – If your skin tends to be problematic during these days leading to your menses, use products with salicylic or glycolic acid to help control sebum production.

Acne sprays such as SW1’s Clear Tonic is perfect to keep breakouts at bay. This carefully formulated spray on contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to target breakouts at all stages. This spray lower the bacterial count and stop the pores from becoming congested and inflamed. You can use this as a toner or standalone treatment. It is effectively clarifying and great for skin during this period of time. For those with oily skin, regular use is recommended for optimal results.

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