Geometry Of Aging – How A New Chin Can Take Years Off Your Face

Have you wondered why certain faces are attractive to others in general? Is beauty a gift bestowed by God? Or is it actually down to shape and proportion?


Beauty Is An Inverted Triangle

In the younger years, the midface is wide, the cheekbones are high and well-defined while the lower face is sharper, tapering to a point at the chin. These attributes are also known as the “triangle of youth” with the base of the triangle being at the cheeks.

As a person ages, all layers of our face undergo changes. Skin loses collagen and elastin and looks dehydrated and wrinkled. The face looks more deflated because there is also loss of fat under the skin, particularly under the eyes (resulting in undereye sunken hollows) and at the cheeks (resulting in strong nasolabial folds and a saggy jawline). All these are exacerbated by bone loss due to natural aging. A droopy face often looks like the triangle of youth has been inverted, with the lower face becoming more U-shaped.


Bridget Bardot Through The Years. The younger Bridget had a youthful V-shaped visage, a symbol of youth and beauty.

Beauty Is About Mathematical Proportions

Ancient greeks believed that the perception of beauty actually boils down to mathematical proportion. Our perception of beauty is dependent on how one’s facial proportions reflect the Golden Ratio, or Phi (1: 1.618).

According to science, Amber Heard is the world’s most beautiful woman. Her face is 91.85 % close to the ideal ratio 1: 1.618, the secret ratio which makes all things aesthetically pleasing to the eye. (image from dailymail)


The face can be divided into 3 equal parts, with 2 imaginary lines drawn across the width of the face. In Asians, the lower third of the face is ideally slightly smaller.


How A New Chin Can Make You Look Younger

If you have a receding or a slightly shorter chin, you may be surprised to hear how easy it is to fix it! Using hyaluronic acid fillers, the chin can be reshaped and lengthened. Fillers can also be used to define a sagging jawline, providing angularity and definition characteristic of youth.

See how a new jawline can make a person look instantly refreshed and younger? (photo from Broward Dermatology)

So as it stands, the new “facelift” appears to now focus on the lower face, and something as simple as a chin implant or chin fillers may be all you need to take years off your face.

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