This Is The Most Attractive Lip Shape, Says Science

Speak of the perfect pout and Kylie Jenner comes to mind. Not so fast, some experts say the slightly overfilled lips may not be the most attractive. In fact, studies show the a certain ratio of the upper to lower lip determines the overall attractiveness of the lips and not the actual volume of the lips.



Soft, pillowy lips are a sign of youth. But just like the skin elsewhere on the face and the body, the lips age. Structures that hold the lips in its youthful position sag, resulting in downturned corners of the lips. Older women frequently complain they look unhappy, when they feel quite the opposite. Apart from these, lip ageing results in dehydration and thinning of the lips – the lips lose collagen – a protein that gives lips their youthful plumpness when young, and lip wrinkles develop.

The ageing of lips can be blamed on genetics – the thinner lips you started off with, the earlier you are likely to experience lip thinning, as early as the 20s when collagen production starts to take a dip. Lifestyle factors such as smoking accelerate this natural process of ageing.

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Maybe you’ve heard that there is a magical proportion to all things beautiful, which started off with the Greeks. Studies on our perception of beautiful lips appear to point towards an ideal ratio of the thickness of the upper to lower lip.

The most preferred lip ratio of the upper to lower lip thickness is not 1:1 but 1:2.


But there is another trait that defines a beautiful pout – a voluptuous pout with a beautiful cupid’s bow. Injectable hyaluronic lip fillers can be done to achieve this ideal proportion and lip shape.


Taylor Swift has a proportionately beautiful set of lips and a well-defined cupid’s bow.

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Small amounts of a natural hyaluronic acid lip filler can give dull lips a reset and a makeover by accentuating a poorly defined cupid’s bow and the philtrum (vertical columns above the cupid’s bow).



Thin lips can be enhanced with fillers tracing the vermilion border. Subtle highlighting of the central cushions of the lower lip and clever lifting of droopy lip corners get rid of the infamous trout pout. Smoker’s lines around the lips can be softened with a resurfacing laser.


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Those who want smooth lips without (or with very subtle) volume enhancement can consider the ultra-light Revitalift Lip hyaluronic acid treatment which restores dehydrated-looking lips to a youthful and natural suppleness.

Also, try a lip moisturiser such as Rose Quartz, which penetrates deeply to nourish dry and chapped lips.

Rose Quartz is a lightweight, ultra-hydrating lip serum which quickly restores suppleness and hydration to dry lips.


By Megan Thomas




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