Roll Away Cellulite With This New Body-cial

Cellulite can be quite impossible to remove and it happens to even fit and lean people. Disliked for its dimpled appearance, cellulite is commonly found on the hips, thighs, buttocks, and other parts of the body such as the arms, and occurs when pockets of fat push through connective tissue beneath the skin. If you a cellulite problem you wish to remove, apart from radiofrequency treatments such as Thermage Body, SKIN found a “body-cial” at the SW1 Spa which recently put up a cellulite busting treatment that combines the efficacy of a clinical treatment and the comfort of a spa treatment into one.

Cellulite has a dimpled appearance, like that of an orange.

Micro-needling – Rolling Away Cellulite

You might have heard of micro-needling to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellu-Melt is a new treatment you can find at the SW1 Spa visibly smoothens the appearance of dimply skin with a derma-roller.

Using tool that looks like a miniature of the paint roller except it is covered with little pins. Before you freak out, these pins are really short – usually ranging from less than 1mm to at most 3mm in length. Similar tools used for the face usually have pins more than 1mm in length. So how does microneedling work for getting rid of cellulite? Firstly, when the tool is rolled over the skin, microchannels are created on the skin, and an anti-cellulite lotion (Cellu-Melt I) is applied, which can now be readily absorbed into the skin. Secondly, the manner of which this is done kickstarts a productive healing response – the brain sends signals for skin the start repairing itself, by producing more collagen, the primary building block for young and firm skin. In fact, the princple of which microneedling works is similar to skin laser treatments. In case you were wondering, Cellu-Melt I contains a blend of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and retinol.

Sounds painful? Hardly. The treatment area is properly numbed with topical analgesia so you will hardly feel anything except for pressure!


By Megan Thomas

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