The Real Reason Why Korean Celebs Have Slimmer faces


You’ve indulged a little, and it’s bloating up your face. Or perhaps you just have a naturally round or squarish face shape that makes you look pudgier than you really are. These tips that will make you look thinner instantly – sans diet and exercise! – may sound like the rare unicorn in the beauty world, but they’re REAL. So should the water start to rise, we’re definitely bringing them on the ark…



redcrossHAIR MAGIC

highlight hair
A face-framing cut and darker shade close to your face will pare pounds off your face instantly.

Hair dye, mascara and lipstick are the top 3 Nobel Prize worthy inventions in the beauty world with amazing powers to transform our looks and lives. Starting from the top, simply switching up your hair colour to a darker shade close to your face and keeping the lighter shade or highlights away from the face will give the illusion of a smaller face plus a more voluminous crown. Or go ombre, it’s a relatively low-maintenance way to pare pounds off and look trendy.



Thick, angular brows can help your face appear thinner

Thick, angular brows can help your face appear thinner by adding contour and a point of interest. On the other hand, thin, over-tweezed brows can contribute to a rounder-looking face. The Rx: use a brow pencil or shadow one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

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Bigger eyes equal slimmer face.

A cat eye helps elongate the lash line and eye shape in an outward and upward direction.

Bigger eyes equal slimmer face. So, apply a neutral shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes. Next, glide a dark brown, gray or black pencil liner across the entire upper lash line. Skip liner on the bottom lash line: it’ll make your eyeslook smaller. Curl lashes and apply two coats of volumizing black mascara.

Another eye look that slims the face: a cat’s eye. This helps elongate the lash line and eye shape in an outward and upward direction, thereby drawing attention to the corners and making your face look leaner.

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To make your face appear longer—more north/south than east/west—highlight the top of the forehead (where a widow’s peak would be), down the center of the nose and on the Cupid’s bow. It tricks the eye into looking at those points and draws attention away from the wider areas.

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redcrossSLIM SHADY

‘Slim shady’ by adding powder around the hairline with a sculpting brush, which brightens the center of the face in contrast, then shade the temples from the arch of the eyebrow up toward the hairline on each side. For the cheekbones, celeb makeup artists like to begin at the cartilage bump of the ear and move inward toward the commissure of the lip. Finally, sharpen a soft jawline by contouring and blending under the chin and slim a wide nose by shading from the head of the brows down the sides.

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