How To Get Rid Of Dark Undereye Circles For Good

So people have been telling me for years that I look tired, even though I haven’t had problems at all with sleep. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with showing concern for a colleague who looks dead beat (or even a stranger), but I guess my dark undereye circles are obvious enough for others to ask about it, so I decided to do something about it.

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Before I begin on the actual solution that worked for me, let me say what didn’t work.

1. More Sleep

I already have 8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night, which is ample for someone of my (ripe old) age, so clearly more sleep wasn’t going to help. Moreover mine isn’t really an eyebag problem. It’s a colour issue, so no water retention issues that I needed to solve.


2. Expensive eye creams

Need I say more, this was probably about a thousand dollars thrown into the wind.


3. Sunscreen for the eyes

A little bit of a b*llsh*t here… people with panda eyes didn’t get dark eye circles because they didn’t protect their eyes from the sun. In fact it is more likely for anyone to wear sun glasses and neglect their faces instead.




Concealer helps but it’s not a hundred percent. I use the Touche Eclat Highlighter Pen from YSL, it is the most natural-looking liquid concealer that really brightens up the area under the eyes. But I find that concealers are best worn with a full face of makeup and there are just some days where I am truly lazy and can’t be bothered. Or worse, I have ended up like this before.


My undereye concealer but sadly concealers are tricks, not an actual solution.

What really worked for me in the end, was the Eye Illuminator Program. My doctor told me that my dark undereye problem was two-fold. Most people think that pigmentation is often the cause of these but the causes of dark circles under the eyes is also a shadow problem. My main problem is I have sunken undereye hollows, and also a little bit of pigmentation under the eyes.

Revitalife Eye is a miraculous treatment that uses a very natural-feeling and soft undereye hyaluronic acid filler to fill up my sunken undereye hollows immediately. I couldn’t believe that the solution was actually so easy! Next, to tackle pigmentaton under the eyes, Quattro Toning undereye is a gentle, zero downtime laser treatment that helps to get rid of pigment under the eyes permanently.

The Eye Illuminator Program was the best dark undereye circle treatment for me. Revitalift Eye got rid of my sunken hollows and Quattro Toning undereye lightened the pigmentation in the delicate area under my eyes, without any downtime!


My post treatment after-care was simply to ensure the undereye area was well moisturized and not to massage the undereye area. And now I only use Emerald Oil, a vitamin-enriched eye treatment oil, which tones and brightens the eye area. This is a preservative-free formula which absorbs super well into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue at all.

Find out more about the Eye Illuminator Program here.


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By Megan Thomas

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