Beauty Secrets For Ultra-Hot Mega Pouts

We all know the main things we use our lips for, but there’s a lot more to know about your lips. Elegant, sumptuous pouts are desired by women everywhere. You see those ultra-hot pout featured on magazine covers, in lipstick ads, and on the faces of your favourite celebs (yes, Angelina, we’re talking about you). You too can have alluring, sexy lips like your favourite stars.



There’s no doubt that the full-lip look is in. I’m sure when we talk about celebrities with the most sexy pouts, automatically a few names will pop up in your mind. Well first, we do agree that thin lips can be beautiful too. But these days when the ultra-hot mega pouts of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox predominate, many assimilate bee-stung pouts to full-on sex appeal.

To have a sexy pout like Angelina Jolie, Natural Filler can deliver the extra volume required to convert thin lips into sumptuous pouts. “The key to attractive lips is to respect the overall facial harmony, maintaining good lip proportion and shape.”Explains Dr. Chua Han Boon, medical consultant at The SW1 Clinic. The ideal upper lip should be slightly larger than the lower, with a gentle curve that peaks (Cupid’s bow). A subtle lifting of droopy corners with fillers gives a radiant smile like Scarlett Johansson, without risking being unnatural. Speak to your physician to find out more about the procedure giving your pout extra oomph.



Mind you, dry chapped lips can certainly put you off your stroke. Our lips are just like sponge. When moisturise, they absorb water and plump up. When lack of hydration, they dry out, shrink and cracked easily. These are usually caused by cold, dry air, excessive sun exposure and licking lips. Constantly licking your already dry lips exacerbate the problem as licking it away strips your lips of natural protection.

The best ways to ensure your lips are well hydrated is to use lip balm regularly, applying sunscreen before heading out, and kill your lip-licking habit. For optimal kissability, consider SW1 Shop’s Rose Quartz Lip Moisture Treatment that delivers powerful emollients, ceramics and anti-oxidants. Not only it deeply hydrates, it also helps to prevent premature signs of ageing of your uninspired pout with natural ingredients too boost cell turnover.


Revitalift for lips help to hydrate lips without added volume. This incredible ultra fine injectable Hyaluronic Acid product has the ability to attract moisture and instantly resuscitates tired ageing pouts by restoring all vital components of youthful lips and optimising cellular activity.”Explains Dr. Chua further.

Combined with small doses of Botox microinjections, this can reverse deep smoker’s lines around the mouth.



You probably already exfoliate your face and body regularly, but did you know that your lips can benefit from this treatment as well? Turning over those epidermal cells help to boost new collagen, which in turn slows down the ageing process of the lips. Use lips exfoliators such as fruit-acid based alpha or beta hydroxy acids to slough off dead skin.

Many has never thought about cleaning their lips thoroughly. Consider to add on lip treatment the next time you pop in for a facial. Lip Fabulosity treatment benefits regardless of the cause – whether it was intrinsic ageing, harsh climates, UV damage, excessive smoking or constant exposure to pollutants. It uses pumpkin apple enzymes to gently slough away dead skin and remove stubborn stains from food residue and makeup leaving your pout soft, supple and incredibly refreshed.


– By Megan Thomas


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