2 Alternative Uses Of Botox You Have Not Heard Of

Speak of Botox and most will immediately think of wrinkles. But there is more to it. Injected deep into muscle, Botox inhibits certain nerves from firing, and you get weakening of the muscle activity. Here’s when it gets even more interesting. Injected intradermally (very superficially into only skin), it doesn’t weaken muscles at all and gives you a completely different effect.


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Heard of Botox microinjections for lifting? Injected superficially into the skin in carefully designed vectors, Microrefine Botox can make small jowls disappear, soften hated deep nasolabial lines and give a sharper jawline. This is like a petit facial threadlift except there are no threads used!


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You haven’t heard? Microrefine Botox is also a nifty treatment for oil control and smaller pores! Unlike conventional Botox which is injected directly into muscle, a more diluted solution of Botox is injected very superficially into the skin. This acts on the oil (and sweat!) glands so it reduces excessive oil production on the skin. It also reduces the appearance of large pores and helps smoothen the texture of the skin. The effect is almost like a face peel, except it lasts for a few months. An airbrush effect? Brilliant.


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If antiperspirants aren’t able to stop the floodgates, you could ask your doctor about getting Botox injections, which were FDA-approved in 2004 for treating hyperhidrosis. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. Each armpit gets 10 to 20 shots of Botox — 50 milligrams in each pit (topical anesthesia is optional). Patients see a significant reduction of sweat (though not 100 percent) in 2 to 3 days. Treatments are typically repeated about every 6 to 12 months.

I know you have gone ahead and thought of the other possibilities! This treatment can be similarly done for the sweaty palm issue, and Dr Chua has done them for a range of people, including professional golfers. But careful now, too much or too deep and you run the risk of Botox weakening the muscles beneath the skin. While this is not really a big issue for the underarms, it can be a problem for the palms. So see a doctor who has done this many times before.

“I think a lot of people out there are suffering with hyperhidrosis and don’t realize there’s a treatment that can take care of it,” says Dr Chua. “These people are thanking me in tears when I introduce them to Botox. They become normal human beings again.”

Learn more about Botox hyperhidrosis therapy here.


By Megan Thomas

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