Tame Your Mane: Hair Botox, Fillers and Lasers

Some people look great with any hairstyle they adopt. It is probably because they have great hair to begin with. A lustrous mane that is full but not too thick, healthy, shiny hair shafts that glisten under the spot light. Frankly, I have tried the root perm for my fine, limp hair, I have at least 2 root teasers – the roller hair dryer things women get to blow dry their roots to attempt the salon blow dried look. I apply Moroccan Oil to my hair to fake a shine and to soothe my flying strands. I am not trying to grow a mane like Tina Turner’s but at the very least, if there is something I could do to strengthen my hair, make it look a little thicker, a little less frizzy, that would be great.

So apparently, there are painless things you can do to your scalp and hair to give you all that.


Revage 670 Hair Laser

Hair lasers have been around and there are different versions but don’t be fooled by the home helmet LED treatments or the laser combs, unless your strength is compliance – a quality that I definitely do not possess, especially when it means wearing an LED helmet everyday for 20 to 30 mins or combing my hair religiously with a laser comb for 10 to 15 minutes.

If that sounds like you too, try the FDA-approved in-clinic Revage 670 Hair Laser. This hair laser uses photobiostimulation to your “sleeping” hair follicles into the growing phase. 30 laser diodes rotate 180 degrees around the scalp, emitting painless laser energy in the 670nm wavelength, stimulating blood flow to nourish poor thinning hair follicles, pushing them into the active growing anagen phase and encourages growth of thicker, healthier hair shafts.

The Kermax Scalp Program at SW1 Clinic includes the Revage 670 hair laser and a refreshing scalp treatment to encourage hair growth (Revitascalp). This treatment is best done weekly for 12 sessions for visible results.

The doctors at the SW1 Clinic have thought it all out for balding gentlemen and ladies who want thick, lustrous hair. Their Keramax Scalp Program stars the FDA-approved Revage 670 hair laser system which nourishes thinning hair follicles using a novel wavelength.


Chai Hair Fillers + Hair Botox

Frizzy and damaged hair? If you haven’t heard, try a hair filler and botox, the treatment to tame your Tina Turner mane and give you smoother, straighter more healthy-looking hair. Rest assured that the name is aesthetically inspired – it is nothing like a facial filler injection, in fact it is completely non-invasive and rather like applying hair serum. But the idea is similar – like botox and fillers for the face designed to remove facial wrinkles and to achieve a smoother-looking complexion, hair fillers and botox contain active ingredients that nourishes and fixes damaged hair, so that your mane appears silky smooth.

So you have an aging scalp and suffer from brittle, frizzy and lacklustre hair? SW1’s Hair Botox contains active ingredients to nourish the scalp, giving you stronger and revitalised hair.


Chai’s Hair Botox in particular contains biotin, collagen, keratin and silk protein to strengthen and invigorate hair, promoting a healthy scalp, while Chai’s Hair Fillers nourishes and fortifies weakened hair and helps one regain a youthful lustrous thickness.


SW1’s Hair Filler moisturizes and contains active ingredients which fortify weakened hair shafts.

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