Lip Rules We Learnt From The World’s Most Beautiful People

Plump lips, petite noses and large eyes. These are universal traits found in the most beautiful faces of the world. Ask a beauty expert and they will speak of “golden proportions” dating all the way back to the ancient greeks who discovered a mathematical proportion to all things beautiful – Phi (1.618). As a face approximates this ratio, the more beautiful the face perceived. The underlying message is – we judge beauty subconsciously by symmetry and proportion.

It follows then, that there is also a precise formula to achieving a beautiful pout. The ideal ratio of the volume of the upper to lower lip is 1: 1.16. So the lower lip should appear slightly more full than the upper lip.

Learn about 3 lip rules and accompanying tips for a youthful and attractive-looking pout.


Rule #1 Lip ageing is real

Doctors say that around the age of 40, the philtrum – groove of the upper lip would have drooped between 3 to 15mm. Restore or change lip proportions to a more youthful ideal with natural hyaluronic acid lip fillers. These are still soft but they can be injected into the vermilion border for more lip definition, or injected directly into the upper and lower lips for more volume. Ideally the lower lip should be slightly thicker than the upper lip. With lip fillers it is easy to tip into the “overdone” look so start with a little and build it up again after 1 or 2 weeks if more is desired!


Known for her signature plump pout, Kylie Jenner’s lips were not always that luscious-looking. She admitted to having lip fillers done, which subsequently saw a rise in lip filler procedures worldwide. Note that you don’t always need to opt for very full lips. Experts say proportion is the key, and most times, subtle plumping is already enough to greatly improve one’s looks.

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Rule #2 Silky mooth lips are attractive-looking, parched lips are not

There is nothing worse than dry, cracked or bleeding lips whether you are heading out on a normal day or going on a date. Apart from lip scrubs and piling heaps of Vaseline, there is another solution. Lip resurrection is possible with Revitalift Lips, the internal moisturizer for the lips! Babydrop fillers made of biocompatible and biodegradable hyaluronic acid in very soft, watery composition plumps up shriveled lips modestly immediately. Hyaluronic acid fillers draw water so this ensures your lips stay hydrated 24/7!


Rule #3 Try out home lip masks

Vaseline may be effective for parched lips but it doesn’t really do much to nourish the lips. Instead, try a lip-loving treatment oil such as Rose Quartz which will square away signs of lip aging (such as lip wrinkles!) with repeated use. Rose Quartz can be used alone or but we found it extremely effective when applied as a “lip sleeping mask”. The trick is to seal it off with a generous amount of lip Vaseline after applying rose quartz. Waking up with soft, smooth and rosy pink lips the morning after this treatment is pure bliss. And guaranteed.

SW1’s Rose Quartz lip treatment gives dry lips a deep hydrating and nourishing boost.

By Emma Rose.

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