How To Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck Without Surgery

Your neck don’t lie. There is nothing that betrays a woman’s age more quickly than a sagging neck – like the rings on a tree. Many women feel bad about their necks, yet is often left out of beauty regimes. The neck is one of the most difficult part of the body to deal with when you want to turn back the ageing clock. And to make the situation worse, effective treatments for the face like Botox and dermal fillers make neck imperfections stand out even more! But there are steps you can take to protect yours from the signs of premature ageing. Here’s how:


Eliminate Sagging Necks with Thread Lifts

Before and After Neck Lift

For those who want a definitive solution to their saggy neck lines, its time to embrace the latest beauty fix much loved by celebs and A-listers alike– The Neck Thread Lift. Indeed, the results of the Infinity Neck Lift are instant and lasts for about a year. Clients who have tried it all rave about it because of the significant difference it delivers. “Visible! Visible! Visible!” exclaims Stella who underwent the procedure two weeks ago. “Unlike other lasers and creams where I have to almost imagine the difference, I literally walked out of the clinic with a firmer neck!” What’s more is that the threads used in Infinity Neck Lift are touted to be the latest bio-absorbable versions which means they disappear in a few months. But fear not, these intelligent threads stimulate your skin to produce a matrix of collagen that support and anchor your lift for years to come. What’s not to love?


Turn back the time on Turkey Skin

With ageing and neglect, the skin on our neck starts to show the signs of age by becoming crepey, bumpy and crinkled. This is due to DNA damage that is part and parcel of the process of ageing, as well as our poor lifestyle choices and habits (such as sun exposure, smoking etc)— choices which we certainly regret now, if only we could turn back the clock. But what if there is really something that can help us turn back the clock on our skin? Rejuran DNA Resurgence is Salmon DNA extracts with PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide), which teaches your DNA how to behave in a more youthful manner again. It helps skin improve its healing capacity and that in turn leads to a myriad of benefits from reduced inflammation, improved hydration (internally), enhanced suppleness and a boost in skin elasticity— all vital factors for a smoother and younger looking neck. “My patients usually undergo 4 sessions every 2 weeks to see maximal effects, though most will notice improvements from the very first session” says Dr Low Chai Ling who has been offering this for her patients who complains of  crepey, ageing skins on their neck and décolletage for the past few years.

Before and After Rejuran DNA Resurgence


Go With Retinol Oil

The skin on your neck is very delicate. The thin skin gets fine lines and wrinkles easily as there are fewer oil glands in the neck than face. The most basic way of keeping premature ageing signs at bay in the neck is by providing TLC as much as you’re providing your face. Cleanse and tone your neck twice a day, and slap on nourishing anti-ageing serum and cream in using upwards motions. Your neck can certainly take a far richer and greasier moisturizer than your face. So, don’t worry about clog pores here. For a younger looking neck, you need to get the strong stuff. The skin on the neck and chest is thin and delicate, so sun damage is more apparent and difficult to repair. Gold Oil is made of rich coconut, rosehip and jojoba oil which infuses antioxidants and fatty acids essential for nourishing the delicate skin of the neck. The active ingredient retinol works to erase wrinkles and fine lines gently throughout the day!

SW1’s Gold Oil contains the active ingredient retinol as well as ultra hydrating elements to ensure the delicate skin of the neck stays smooth and plump-looking.


These days, less invasive treatment options are available to improve the appearance of one’s neck. “Ulthera is a non-invasive, FDA-approved skin-lifting procedure using focused ultrasound to stimulated new collagen growth deep under the epidermis. Just a single treatment may improve the contours of the under-chin, neck and décolletage laxity”, says Dr. Kenneth Lee, founder of The SW1 Clinic. This treatment is popular among patients aged 40 to 55 years who feel they aren’t ready to go under the knife. “Ultrasound energy is deposited to a precise depth below the surface of the skin without affecting the surrounding tissues”, explains Dr. Lee further. This amazing treatment results however, takes a few months to appear and one can expect results to last a year or more depending on individuals. But many doctors suggest to treat the face at the same time since patients might return complaining that they cannot live with their sagging jowls once their neck is lifted.


Laser For Skin Tightening Of The Neck

The skin on your neck loses its firmness and sags over time as the quantity and quality of the collagen and elastin in the skin decreases as we age. That is not the only changes, over time, more fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear as well. All these cause the skin to become thinner and appear older. For crepey lines on the neck, SmartX laser treatment is the answer. “Once the neck skin has been lifted with Ulthera, the skin texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles can be improved with SmartX laser treatment. The SmartX laser treatment delivers phenomenal results as it improves skin texture, pigmentation and wrinkling while also tightening the overlying skin”, explains Dr. Low Chai Ling. It dramatically improves the overall quality of the skin over time with minimal downtime, leaving healthy, younger and firmer skin on your nape.


Liquid Neck Lift with Botox

Botox neck microinjections can be used to make an ageing neck look younger. The Nefertiti Lift is a 20-minute procedure in your doctor’s office that involves multiple tiny injections of Botox into the neck and lower jaw. “The platysma is a thin fan of muscle that spreads from the chest up the neck and jaw. If the issue is these loose bands of muscle, treatment with Botox can make them less prominent in a patient with great skin tone”, says Dr Low. Treatment with Botox relaxes some of those bands to create a firmer and smoother neck. Unfortunately, the result last only three to four months. Maintenance is required for long term fix.


Babydrop Fillers For Deep Neck Lines

Natural skin-identical hyaluronic acid delivered via micro-injections replenishes lost stores deeply and retards the clock. Babydrop neck fillers smoothens and illuminates skin, and plumps existing neck lines that has been ironed into skin over the years so that you can display your jewellery at greater advantage on a silky, glistening panorama. Let me stick my neck out here and say – it is a work of art.


By Emma Rose.

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