Best Skin Fixes 2018

We’ve built an extensive list of our favourite skin fixes this year so there is no excuse for losing out in the race for glowing skin!


#5 Best Acne Facial: Reveal Peel by Spa Symphony

If you have the blemish problem and are not quite game for your first home peel yet, let the skilled therapists from Spa Symphony perform this clarifying peel for you. Using three types of peels – 1 BHA and 2 AHAs, this no-nonsense treatment banishes clogged pores and enhances cellular renewal, clarifying and brightening skin at the same time.


#4 Best Oxygen Facial: SK-II Senze Oxygenated Facial, 105 min


The oxygen facial is not new. An instant glow-fix, in fact this time-tested treatment that used to feel more like a medical experience is completely transformed into a sensual spa experience at the SK-II Boutique Spa. Using products from the popular SK-II skincare range only, you will find an instant brightening effect from the oxygen wand which pushes 90-95% oxygen into your skin. Those with red and irritated skin can also expect a visible skin calming effect. A little note, this facial takes 105 min, which is just perfect for a nap in their comfortable spa bed.


#3 Best Skin Tightening Fix: RF Rejuvenation Treatment by DRx Medispa, 60 min

If you are noticing more fine lines or deeper wrinkles on your face, it is time to contemplate a radiofrequency skin tightening treatment. This facial uses radiofrequency treatment to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Repeated treatments will see a sustained skin plumping and anti-aging effect!


#2 Best Qi Promoting Facial: Imperial V-Shaped Facial Gua Sha by Healing Touch Spa, 90 min

Hidden at the Orchid Country Club, the Healing Touch Spa is best known for their organic – completely natural facials. This particular therapeutic facial reinvents the secret of Japanese Guasha, as the trained therapist applies controlled, firm strokes along one’s facial contour with the aim to lift and to shape. Their ceramic Guasha tool increases lymphatic drainage of the face, which explains the visible slimming noticed immediately after the treatment. Ion plates also encourage blood flow resulting in a natural rejuvenative effect of facial muscles. This facial ends with a nourishing mask which confers a lovely, after-shower glow.


#1 Best Skin Illuminating Treatment: Babyskin Program by SW1 Clinic


Facials are great for quick fixes but nothing beats this long-lasting all-rounder skin rejuvenation effect from the SW1 Clinic. Best known for its skin illuminating effect, the inventors of this treatment know only too well what one needs to get a perfect, poreless and skin brightening fix. An FDA-approved thulium microlaser peel of just the right wavelength banishes pigments and evens out skin tone, resulting in a photoshop effect, and the now open micro-channels of the skin immediately post laser presents a golden opportunity for skin whitening and hydrating nourishments, which the doctors take complete advantage of with their Pearl Éclat purified stem cell extract. Get ready to receive compliments on how your skin has appeared as if it has reversed in age!

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