Beauty Secrets: V-shaped Face without the Blade

Desiring to slim your face and have a coveted “V” shape look? A slim face with a ‘V-shaped’ chin and jawline is considered a mark of feminine beauty in much of East Asia, along with big eyes and a slim, high-bridged nose. V-Line face refers to a slim and oval face that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin with a defined jawline. The term V-shape or V-Line was coined by the Koreans in recent years and today, almost every Asian woman desires a V-shaped face.

And here we have 3 non-invasive procedures for you to achieve a V-face look without the need of going under the knife. Visit your doctor’s office today and you’ll be on your way to having a slimmer and defined V-shaped face in less than an hour!

Facial Slimming with Botox Microinjections

It is relatively common for Asians to genetically have a more prominent or squarish jawline. Square jaw reduction is a popular treatment among Asians as it has long been recognised as the ideal feminine contour. Interestingly, thousands of men (especially metrosexual men) are asking for a slimmer jawline in the recent years as well, following the trend set by Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese TV stars.

This is usually caused by the prominence of the masseter muscle, which is the muscle used when we chew. Some people get hypertrophy jaw muscles by frequently chewing gum. Others suffer from involuntary grinding of the teeth during their sleep – a condition known as bruxism. This can be treated with a simple treatment of Botulinum Toxin A (BOTOX) microinjections. Severe cases may require a course of 3 microinjections done over closer intervals for optimal results. To achieve an exquisite jawline, Botox microinjections offers a quick (yes.. it’s done in less than 15 minutes!), safe and painless alternative over surgical jaw reduction – where there would be some downtime such as swelling, bruising, redness and discomfort. If you opt for surgical jaw reduction, you might have to take time off work unless you don’t mind looking like a Frankenstein’s long-lost relative at work. “In cases for facial slimming, BOTOX microinjections are used to reduce the strength and action of the masseter muscle. The muscle becomes smaller and less prominent as the strength of the muscle is reduced. Improvements can be seen typically after one month of treatment as it takes time for the muscle to shrink,” explains Dr. Kenneth Lee of The SW1 Clinic, the largest aesthetics and plastic surgery clinic in Singapore.

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Natural Chin Augmentation

A receding chin is the nemesis of the ideal face shape for beauty. A weak chin diminishes a person’s overall appearance. “A profile with a weak chin tends to detract from the rest of your face, making it less proportioned and less attractive. For a sharp and sculpted jawline, FDA-approved natural filler can be placed directly on the chin area to help rebuild the prominence of the chin, giving a feminine V-line face look,” explains Dr. Lee.

Chin Fillers for a V-shape face


Chin Fillers for a more attractive shape

For chin contouring, it only takes one or two injections of natural hyaluronic acid fillers to create an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped face look. This simple procedure can be done in less than 20 minutes and the result is immediate. An occasional side effects include dull aches or maybe slight bruising under the chin which will subside in a few days time.

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Ulthera, the sound secret

To achieve the perfect V-shaped face that has been a silent envy of many ladies across Asia, many aesthetic physician combines Botulinum Toxin A treatment with Ulthera for a natural facial slimming and lifting effect. Ulthera is the sound beauty secret of many fresh-looking ladies where the treatment inverts the beauty triangle back to a youth “V”. “Ulthera helps create the V-Line by contracting saggy and loose skin and stimulate new collagen production in the deep supportive layers of the skin by using the renowned technology of focused ultrasound. Sagging skin along the jawline can be tightened and lifted, which in turn creating an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped face together with a well-proportioned chin,” says Dr. Chua Han Boon, who favours Ulthera as his treatment of choice for his patients desiring a sharper visage. A gradual tightening and firming occurs, ultimately resulting in a natural lift and conditioning of the skin over time without the downtime of a surgery. What’s not to love about Ulthera when it literally shed years off your face!

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Face And Neck Lift with Threads

Thread lifting is  a procedure that works to tackle sags and folds. The procedure is becoming more popular than ever before as demand grows for skin care where less is more. Hailed as a solution for both women and men that side-steps the commitment and healing time required for a face lift, invisible fine threads placed in the skin can get to places on faces other procedures cannot reach.

Additionally, one of the most problematic areas plaguing women, young and old is the double chin and sagging necks. Short of going under the knife, there are few quick fixes that actually deliver visible results… that is until Korean plastic surgeons came up with an innovative new technique using 100% biodegradable threads to give you Infinity Neck Lift. This procedure is a low downtime, lunchtime procedure where tiny threads are inserted into the double chin area to instantly lift the saggy bits under your jawline. Over the next 3-6 months, as these threads dissolve, they magically stimulate a strong supporting matrix of collagen to anchor the lift which will last 1-2 years! “I was amazed that I could see almost instant results, and that the treatment was surprisingly comfortable and short, under 30 minutes!” remarked Mary Lee, a 40 year old housewife who had her Infinity Facial Thread Lift under Dr Kenneth Lee at The SW1 Clinic.


Before and After Neck Thread Lift


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