5 Things Girls With Heavy Eyelids Will Understand

First world problem right? But the struggle is real and for some, goes beyond cosmetic concerns.

1. On a sunny day, you sometimes panic because your field of vision is partially blocked.

Don’t panic, raise your brows quickly, and if you can see, it was definitely because of eyelid hooding caused by your eyelids! You will get some relief from wearing sunglasses or wearing a hat, because it will reduce your tendency to squint and worsen the hooding.



2. You download apps like Meitu which can “photoshop” your eyes into a flattering shape.

Apps like meitu are giving photographers a run for their money but chances are you belong to the real world so a surgical eyelid correction such as the upper eyelid blepharoplasty is the better (and most realistic) bet.

Slant it, widen it, brighten it, and even enhance your eyes with some digital makeup! A permanent and more realistic fix of course, is the upper lid blepharoplasty – the double eyelid surgery. Dr Tan Ying Chien, Head of Plastic Surgery from the SW1 Clinic recommends the incisional blepharoplasty, which is more suitable for those with sagging or excess skin, or excess fatty deposits which can be removed at the same time.

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According to Dr Tan, not all saggy-looking eyelids are due to fatty deposits and sagging lid skin. Sometimes the root cause of eyelid droopiness is further north – the eyebrows! In these cases, the endotine browlift is the more appropriate and more natural-looking correction.

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3. You might unknowingly have one brow raised all the time.

Very sad but true. This is a compensatory action that people with ptosis (droopy eyelids) and fatty eyelids do – raising the brows helps open the eye more so that the field of vision improves.

Unfortunately, there really is such a thing as “muscle memory”. In this case, the forehead muscles responsible for raising the brows may overdo it, even after the hooding lids have been surgically corrected. Try some light botox microinjections to balance things out.


4. The eyeliners smudge. ALL THE TIME.

A problem with our climate in Singapore favoring greasy skin and greasy eyelids. Try waterproof liquid eyeliners rather than kohl eyeliners.

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4. You are trying out the double eyelid tape.

Double eyelid tapes ang glues were raved for the instant double eyelid effect but try it long enough and it can actually worsen the lid sagging. Did I mention that people can SEE the eyelid tape?


Enough said. Consider the blepharoplasty instead please.

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