Fabulous At 40 – The Best Age Retarding Treatments To Do In Your 40s

The forties may reveal some signs of wear on our faces. Fine lines may look more obvious and the usual folds outside the eyes or on the forehead may be more noticeable. The skin may become more dull-looking as the skin renewal process slows down. Thankfully, besides turning back the clock in time, there are some things that we can do to maintain our youthful looks.


Botox Prejuvenation

Wrinkles develop along usually predictable areas – lines of expression. The way to literally prevent wrinkles from appearing is not having expressions at all! Unless you want to look like Frankenstein, it is probably better to go about this with small Botox injections into parts of the forehead, frown lines and outside the eyes to reduce the strength of these muscles.

Botox is commonly misconstrued as unnatural-looking but in faces where the lines are not deep or only appear during strong expression, a little goes a long way and it can really delay the appearance of these depressing permanent wrinkles by five to ten years!

Botox can help prevent or delay the formation of permanent wrinkles, as shown in this pair of twins. Right shows the twin who had Botox preventive treatments compared to the twin on the left, who had none.


Face Lift Without The Blade

The skin begins succumbs to gravity and age as we approach our thirties. In our forties, the skin aging effects are most obvious in mid and lower face – droopy cheeks and a disappearing jawline. The signs are not too obvious yet though – people do not jump from a V-shaped jawline to the turkey overnight. And sometimes, a little lifting and skin tightening done early can actually reverse things and shave the years off your face.

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive FDA-approved device for skin lifting. Using focused ultrasound energy to heat up microscopic columns within a collagen-rich layer 4.0mm beneath the surface of the skin, a productive wound healing response results in skin firming and skin lifting results over the next three to six months. Do not expect someone to say you look like a different person after this though – the results are extremely natural and “you-looking” – just younger and fresher.


PDRN Boost

The problem with skin in the forties is you start to notice more fine lines and larger pores on the surface. Made of DNA extracted from salmon, PDRN has been shown in multiple studies to accelerate wound healing in the skin. Minute injections of this directly into the skin results in a wide-range of anti-aging benefits, such as improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, thickening and firming of skin. Increased collagen production of the skin smoothens the skin and keeps it young and youthful looking. This treatment is also a hit for the deep creases in the neck.

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