Celebrity Secrets: Age Retarding Botox And Fillers

Google the words ‘botox’ and ‘fillers’ and you are bound to see celebrity before-and-after photos of plastic surgery fails. But we all know that botox and fillers are regularly done by celebrities and normal people (like you and me!) for preventive and rejuvenation reasons, so it can’t be all bad. In fact, pitfalls don’t deter some stars from the needle at all. This article will take you through some famous and splendid botox and filler jobs which were so well done, you probably didn’t even realize it.


1. Jennifer Aniston

Our favourite waitress from the hit sitcom “Friends” does not look like she has aged a day since 2003. It is common knowledge that she had a nose job in her 30s but she is one of the freshest-looking 50 year olds in Hollywood to date. Jennifer admits that she has Botox done and this has probably done a lot for her in terms of preventive aging.

Dr Low Chai Ling: Notice that you can still see some lines outside her eyes and she is still able to smile naturally, showing that she receives a sufficient dose of Botox around the eye muscles to just relax them a little without inhibiting expression. Lines on one’s face convey a certain warmth and sincerity, and an experienced doctor knows that chasing lines when treating with botox and fillers can result in mistakes. For those looking to try botox for the first time, always ask for less. You can always build it up if it’s not enough but too much and you will have to wait several months till the botox effect wears off on its own.


2. Kate Middleton

Everyone’s favourite Duchess has also had Botox done. The botox very naturally opened up her eyes a little and took away some signs of wear around her eyes and her forehead.

Dr Low Chai Ling: Botox gave her a mini-browlift by reducing the activity of the circular eye muscles which normally depresses the brows. The relaxation also reduced the appearance of the wrinkles on the lateral aspect of her eyes. Overall she looks less tired, rather than giving one the impression that she had work done.


3. Angelina Jolie

Does anyone not agree that Angelina Jolie looks better and better over the years? While she has never publicly talked about any work done for her face, our guess is she probably had some botox and fillers over the years.

Dr Low Chai Ling: Most people love Angelina Jolie’s luscious-looking lips but those are probably natural. I would attribute her youthful looks to her jawline, which looks tighter and sharper than before. She also doesn’t have any obvious wrinkles on her face probably due to preventive Botox over the years.


4. Cindy Crawford

One of the iconic original supermodels, famed for her natural beauty in the 80s and the 90s. Cindy Crawford admitted that she has used Botox for rejuvenation.

Dr Low Chai Ling: There is not a serious wrinkle on her skin. Her cheeks and undereye areas look fresh and slightly filled and these have probably kept her midface volumised which is a sign of youth. Cheeks fillers such as Volume High Definition Lift uses natural dermal fillers to volumise deflated cheeks. At the same time it produces a modest cheek lift and restores sagging skin of the midface back to its youthful place. In the past, people used to fill the nasolabial lines directly to avoid looking aged, but you can see that sculpting the cheeks does so much more and best of all, it looks more natural.



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