What You Always Wanted to Know About Lip Fillers

The eyes are the first to go, followed by the skin, mid-face and lips. But changes tend to occur so gradually that it might take a minute (or a chance glance at the lipstick counter) to notice things just aren’t the way they were.

We’ve all heard about lip fillers in Singapore as a quick boost for our pouts. We’ve also seen the scary consequences of overdone lips in celebrity gossip magazines. To find out more about the uses of lip fillers and how to avoid looking like Donald Duck’s long-lost cousin, SKIN spoke to Dr Kenneth Lee from The SW1 Clinic for insider’s tips and tricks of volume control.



Sited front and center, a pair of invitingly supple, smooth lips forms the basics of a beautifully healthy and youthful face. For one, you’ll never spot unsightly lipstick lines or parched patches on celebrity kissers, regardless of size.

“Some of the first signs of aging lips are dullness and appearance of lines,” shared Dr Lee. “Not only is collagen necessary to keep the lips cushiony and full, it also prevents lines from forming. Lips laden with vertical lines tend to look much older or ‘tired’ and can cause frustrating lipstick bleeds in severe cases. Lines on the lips and perioral skin are omnipresent in smokers, since the constant pursing hastens collagen break down. Genetics plays another important role.”

Filler Solution: Those who crave for a smashingly soft and lick-ety smooth set sans volume enhancement might consider one of the newer ultra-light hyaluronic acid skin enhancers that just treat lips to a mega dose of natural hydration restoration and deep skin revitalisation from within.

“We use Revitalift Lip, an ultrafine injectable HA product which has the unique ability to attract moisture and inject some life instantly into uninspired lips. Pruned up puckers are revived to a kissable cherry-fresh pair, without turning up the volume significantly.”

In addition, small doses of Botox and resurfacing laser may be required to reverse deep smoker’s lines around the mouth.

Hot Tip: Exposed to the elements and subjected to constant use and abuse, don’t neglect pampering delicate lips with the same TLC you invest in the rest of your face. The trio of ‘weekly exfoliation-daily hydration-daily sun protection’ holy skincare commandment holds true for your lips too.


Painstaking highlighting with a lip pencil and precise painting of your lips are for good reason: The shape and definition of your pout are as vital as its absolute size.

Filler Solution: Whether your lips are time-sapped or just aren’t genetically blessed, small amounts of a soft Natural Filler like Juvederm or Restylane can give you a refreshing makeover simply by accentuating a flattened cupid’s bow, vermillon outline and philtrum (the vertical columns above your upper lip). It gives the sexy, youthful definition we try to cheat with a whole host of lip makeup and cosmetic illuminators, in a matter of minutes and lasts for months.

“Subtle highlighting of the central cushions of the lower lip or clever lifting of droopy lip corners with fillers make for a well-proportioned and radiant smile, without risking the accursed trout pout. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to keep it ‘au naturel’, yet desire to give their best asset an added edge.”

Hot Tip: Upgrade your usual lip balm to a treatment salve that contains collagen-regenerating actives to fend off the ravages of time.



First, we need to clarify that we think thin lips can be incredibly beautiful too. Proof? Greta Garbo, Diane Kruger – just to name a couple. But these days when the pouts of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johnansson reign supreme, most women and men equate  bee-stung lips to full-on sex appeal.

Filler Solution: To tune up your sexy quotient towards the Angelina Jolie ideal, a more robust Natural Filler can deliver the extra oomph required to convert ‘A’-sized lips to a covetable plush pair.

“The key to looking naturally gifted is to respect the overall facial harmony, on top of maintaining good lip proportions and shape. A beautifully enhanced pair should also not only look attractive, but feel soft and attractive too.”

So yes, misguided excess volumisation of the wrong parts of the lip will guarantee a trout pout. Permanent fillers are a definite no-no for the lips too. Go to a licensed injector who is experienced in performing natural hyaluronic acid lip fillers.

Hot Tip: Favor a lighter lip colour over a deep burgundy, as light enlarges and dark shrinks. Top off with a lip-magnifying gloss or a lip plumper which stimulates blood flow for a swell set.




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