I Tried The Latest Skin Regeneration Laser Alternative And Loved It

Who wants firmer, younger-looking skin? What about smaller pores and less pigmentation?

Laser resurfacing treatments are becoming popular skin rejuvenation treatments. These treatments have undergone many refinements to suit the lifestyle requirements of today’s city dweller. Downtime, for example, is an important factor for busy working individuals who cannot afford to take time off work to rest (or hide). Stronger resurfacing lasers such as ablative lasers are more risky for darker skin individuals and have been known to cause hyperpigmentation problems.

Is there a safer skin resurfacing treatment that packs all anti-aging benefits into one? Apparently, there is a one. NeoGen PSR (PSR stands for Plasma Skin Regeneration) is a new treatment that is unlike most other ablative or microablative lasers (such as carbon dioxide or erbium lasers). Using nitrogen plasma energy, known as the 4th state of matter, this unique energy is non-fractionated and delivers controlled heating to the skin to stimulate a physiological anti-aging response, without breaking skin. This controlled, uniform heating of skin literally creates new skin surface in a matter of days and collagen stimulation results in firmer, tighter skin in the following weeks to months. NeoGen can be done on the face, and on the skin around the eyes, as well as the neck.


I Tried NeoGen Plasma! Here’s What Happened

I did my first NeoGen Plasma skin rejuvenation treatment at the SW1 Clinic with Dr Low Chai Ling. She was extremely professional during the treatment and my initial fears were quickly allayed once she explained the treatment to me.

What was different about this treatment compared to other resurfacing lasers I had done?

  • Hydration was important just before the treatment. I was worried about pain so I asked for some numbing cream before the procedure. A hydration sheet mask was applied to my face and eyes after my skin was numb and left on for the next 10 minutes, then Dr Low began the treatment starting on the right side of my face.
  • To ensure hydration, the mask was left on the second half of my face.
  • During the treatment, I felt nothing on most places, and a little bit of heat on others.
  • Once the right side of my face was treated, they reapplied the mask and the effect was extremely soothing.

Once the face was done, Dr Low performed the treatment on my upper and lower eyelids, taking care not to burn my brows or lashes. The heat felt more intense on the eyelids but I was warned about it beforehand by Dr Low and it was very bearable.

You can literally see the plasma energy from the handpiece here, which heats up the skin but doesn’t cause any open wounds.

In the following week, my skin felt tight, like it was in dire need of hydration. Over the eyes, there was a waxy appearance which began to form after about 3 days. By the 7th day, the “old” skin surface started peeling and baby smooth, new skin was revealed. I did have to cover with a lot of sunscreen and more makeup than usual during this time as I was paranoid about complications which I know can occur during this healing period.However, there were no ugly “dots” or scabs like the ones I used to have to endure after a carbon dioxide laser treatment.

It is now 3 weeks post treatment and my husband has noticed that the lines around my eyes, in particular the crow’s feet and fine lines periorbitally have been reduced by at least 50%. My normally puffy eyelids also look more lifted and less droopy! My pores also shrank a little and overall I thought my skin felt a little more taut.

In another 2 or 3 weeks, I plan to go for my second treatment, seeing the exceptional results I am seeing just after 1 session!



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