Why Some Women Look Younger Than Others

You know that frustratingly gorgeous friend of yours? The one who puts on some Chapstick and walks out the door, no problem, and still gets carded at way past 21? Scientists have finally figured out what her deal is. And no, it’s not (just) plastic surgery.


Not Too Little, Not Too Much

Goldilocks’ principle of “Not too little. Not too much. Just nice” applies here. Women who use cosmetic tweaks judiciously have been shown to get away with looking more attractive without the overt tell-tale signs of the ‘over-done’ look.

The Smart: Smart women use a variety of skin lasers and lifting techniques to maintain their looks. “I get Thermage done once a year, and I use Lustrous Skin Program’s Fraxel light lasers to ensure my complexion stay bright and fair all year round. Every six weeks, I go for Monroe Hydrafacial at The SW1 Clinic” says Cindi, a youthful-looking marketing exec in her 40s.

The Not-so-Smart: Sticking to one treatment just because it worked for you 10 years ago is not what smart women do. Some women started their aesthetic journey with salon-grade IPLs 10 years ago and despite advances in laser and aesthetic technology, has never upgraded their regime since. “Be careful of following one aesthetic doctor who only offers a very limited range of treatments” says Stella, 34 year old banker “I was told nothing could treat my melasma by my old doctor, only to find it was because he was a one-man-show and did not have the technology or no-how to treat it.”


Early Rather Than Late

Women who catch aging issues early then to do better than those who are always trying to play catch up. When it comes to your skin, by the time you see the problem, it is already more than skin deep.

The Smart: Take crow’s feet that plague the corner of your eyes making you look older than you actually are. Smart women will start using Eye cream containing Vitamin A at a young age to prevent fine lines from forming.

The Not-so-Smart: Those who play catch-up will leave things till it’s too late, when the lines are firmly etched into their skin before trying to reach for eye cream. Unfortunately, at this stage, eye creams can do little to improve the situation. Once crow’s feet become obvious, try Botox to release and relax the tense periorbital muscles for a naturally refreshed expressions.



Holistic rather than focused

Women who focus on their faces as a whole can appreciate what makes them look better and seek the correct treatments than those who become too obsessed with one issue.

The Smart: An attractive face is made up of many parts— a feminine V shape, good skin, ideal facial proportions, attractive facial features etc. “Getting the expert opinion of an aesthetic doctor may be invaluable when it comes to assessing what you need to do up your beauty potential” says Yee Ling, who just underwent an Infinity Neck Lift and V- Lift to address sagging issues on her lower face and neck. “I was so focused on my double chin that I failed to see that my lower face was also heavy and sagging. When Dr Kenneth Lee pointed out what I needed, I couldn’t agree with him more, and right now, looking at the results, I agree that I look much better than if I had just zoomed in on one spot.”

The Not-so-Smart: Women have their pet peeve. For some it may be their big nose, or their asymmetrical eyes. Whatever it is, don’t lose sight of the big picture. What you hate may not necessarily be the thing that’s making you look old. Take a step back, and focus on the big picture with your eye set on the finish line in the long run.



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