Creating Bigger Eyes – The Double Eyelid Guide

As the saying goes, “The eye is the mirror of the soul”. The doe-eyed look has always been popular with women and men alike. Generally speaking, men like women with bigger eyes. Our lashes frame the eyes and long, thick, dark lashes make the eyes appear more vivid and attractive.

But not everyone is blessed with a set of big, attractive eyes. In fact, approximately 50 percent of all Asians are born with single eyelids – eyelids without an upper lid crease. And even for those with double eyelids, those with hooded lids understand the importance of eyeliners, yet these are so annoyingly tricky because eye makeup invariably smudges. Truth be told, the Asian obsession with big eyes is so huge, people are wearing “dolly eye” contact lenses and there are even apps such as Meitu which helps “photoshop” in double eyelids for the perfect Instagram post.

For the desolute, what can you do? SKINMAG gives you the lowdown on 3 treatments options for getting the coveted upper eyelid crease.


First of all, there are tricks and there are treatments. The trend of creating the double eyelid big-eyed look has definitely caught up in Singapore. One can get really creative (and I mean really, really creative) with makeup, opt for non-surgical double eyelid creation, or go for double eyelid surgery.



From shaping the eyebrows, applying eye shadow strategically for a deep-set look, curling the eyelashes or applying lash falsies. Google for double eyelid tape – linear cut colourless stickers which give you false double eyelids in less than a minute.

Tutorials like these are common in Asian beauty magazines. Double eyelid tape, almost a staple in the diet of makeup addicts in parts of asia such as Japan and Korea, this quickly creates a temporary fold in the eyelids!


PROS: Non-invasive and you can experiment with different looks everyday!

CONS: Not great at creating double eyelid crease for single eyelids even if tape is used. Double eyelid tape can be a source of embarrassment, some very blunt people DO ask straight up what you have stuck on your eye! Also, makeup and tape come off during sporting activities such as swimming.

VERDICT: Because it is such an easy beauty hack, give it a try!



Medical technologies are always evolving. Not surprisingly, we have recently seen procedures which can create double eyelids without the scalpel. Plexr uses plasma energy to vaporize skin along the new crease, essentially scarring the area and forming your new double eyelid.

Plexr is a new non-surgical technique of creating double eyelid creases by using plasma energy to vaporize skin along the new crease, by inducing inflammation and scarring. The downtime can be similar to a non-incisional blepharoplasty and it may not work for all, such as heavy, hooded eyelids.


PROS: There is not much preparation required for the procedure except for topical numbing cream and cleaning just before the doctor starts. Expect redness and swelling but less than a surgical blepharoplasty

CONS: If you thought non-surgical means no downtime, you are wrong. Expect small brown marks on the treatment area after the procedure, which will turn into darker scabs and then flake off over the next 7 to 10 days. This downtime is similar to the time people take off from work after a surgical blepharoplasty. Because skin is vaporized, there is risk of hyperpigmentation, which can be disasterous. Lastly, it doesn’t really work for those with heavy, hooded eyelids, or for those with single eyelids.

VERDICT: Give it a miss



This is by far the most commonly performed plastic surgery in Singapore, creating permanent double eyelid creases. There are 2 main techniques, incisional (involves cutting to create double eyelids) and non-incisional. The latter technique is scarless, so there is less downtime. According to SW1 Clinic’s Head of Plastics, Dr Tan Ying Chien, who was also formerly Head of Plastics of The Sloane Clinic, the incisional technique allows the surgeon to do more, such as removing unwanted skin or fat (causes of hooded eyelids), correct ptosis (droopy eyelids), and epicanthoplasty (altering the shape of the eye).

The incisional (cutting) double eyelid creation surgery creates a permanent fold and can alter the shape of the eyes (epicanthoplasty) and remove excess skin or fat under the eyelids at the same time.

PROS: Permanent double eyelid creation (incisional) and more, giving one’s monolids a new life. No more embarrassing makeup hacks which are just not the same as having double eyelids.

CONS: Incisional technique has a downtime of approximately 1 to 2 weeks and both techniques rely heavily on the surgeon’s experience and expertise. Risks include asymmetry of eyelids. Social stigma – although this is the most common plastic surgery procedure done locally, going from mono to double overnight does requires a little bit of courage!

VERDICT: There are medical indications such as ptosis which may be corrected with the upper bleph as well. Aesthetically, the upper blepharoplasty is still the gold standard for permanent double eyelid creation. If you have gotten quite tired of wearing double eyelid tape and covering it up with makeup, speak to a plastic surgeon for options. Give it a try!

Head of Plastics Surgery of SW1 Clinic, Dr Tan Ying Chien, performing an incisional double eyelid creation surgery for his patient who has monolids.

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