How To Ace The Nude, No Foundation Look

Applying makeup today is no easy feat. Foundation has to cover some imperfections, even out skin tone, yet it cannot look heavy. In fact it must look like almost nothing, like your second skin.

SKINMAG gives some advice on how to ace the airbrushed minimalist foundation look.


1. Create A Luminous Canvas

First of all, the nude foundation look usually works when you don’t have major skin issues, such as acne or clogged pores. Those with clear but dull skin should consider starting a proper cleansing regime, to stimulate cell renewal. For those who find scrubbing their skin a little too rough, try a gentle chemical exfoliant with lactic or glycolic acid as part of their nightly cleansing regime. We like SW1 Shop’s Sleep Mode, a sustained-release glycolic acid formula in a hydrating aloe vera base. Working quietly overnight to unclog pores and gently peel away superficial dead skin, tired, this is a skin revival potion for dull and troubled skin.

SW1 Shop’s Sleep Mode works to purify and stimulate skin renewal while you sleep.


Next, apply Chai’s Pink Sake, a rejuvenating face cream rich in antioxidants and brightening sake extracts. This energizes the skin, leaving complexion visibly radiant, smoother and looking more well-rested.

Pink Sake is your glow secret in a pot. Made of skin brightening sake extracts and rich in antioxidants, this new kid on the block sold out within days of hitting the shelves!


For those who suffer from pesky pigmentation and fine lines as well, explore a laser treatment. SW1 Clinic’s Fraxel Light laser treatment uses Clear & Brilliant, a non-ablative laser which is popular with people who need an effective solution for glowing skin, without significant downtime.

Clear & Brilliant is a non-ablative, gentle laser which resurfaces, giving clearer and brighter skin.


2. Prime Before You Cover

Makeup primers can be a hit or a miss, but new formulas are lightweight, light reflecting and the longer lasting foundation is definitely a plus!

Should you use a primer before you apply your foundation? This is an age-old debate even amongst makeup artists. The answer really depends on your foundation and on the climate you live in. When I lived in Australia, my makeup lasted all day without the need for the midday touchup. In Singapore, when applied properly, it can make makeup last all day. Primers for certain foundations also come with reflectors and colour correctors, giving your second skin the subtle glow beneath the paint.


3. Pick The Right Foundation

Throw away your thick coverage or powdery foundations. These days the all-in-one BB cushion is all the rave for the foundation that sticks right to your skin, without looking like you just applied thick warpaint.


4. Buff Or Paint?

Foundation can look thick if it is applied wrongly. Avoid painting. Dab or buff!

Whether you are using the cushion provided, a sponge, or a foundation brush, or even your fingers, avoid painting the foundation on. Instead, makeup artists normally dab, or buff the foundation all over lightly, building it up instead of slapping it on. This will ensure an even balance between concealing and thickness of the foundation applied.


5. Fake It Till You Make It

Once you have applied the foundation, try the highlighting trick.

Now that you have gotten the foundation on, fake a little glow by applying highlighter on the face. Unless you want to look like an oil pan, highlight only the areas where light hits. Areas that always score with this? The bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, the philtrum or Cupid’s bow.

Your glow-how map.

Powder highlighters work well as long as you work on these sparingly, and try going for highlighters with a subtle sheen and never the obvious shimmer.


And the final rule? Less is more, and practice makes perfect!



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