How Does A Man’s Skin Differ From A Woman’s?

Men age like a fine wine, while women age like a glass of milk – as the old saying goes. Unfortunate but true, ladies. We are more prone to earlier facial ageing than our male counterparts (Unfair? We know!). So how are they different? Well, besides having facial hair, there are other structural distinctions between a man’s skin and a woman’s. The ability to grow a beard is just one glaring distinction among many others that are not so obvious. These differences in the skin are important as they create differences in their skin care regime. So, stop and think again the next time you want to share your skincare with your boyfriend!

Sebum Production

Men’s skin is much oilier than women’s skin, therefore men need products that absorb more readily into the skin and ones that take its oily nature into consideration. While not every single skincare product needs to be gender specific, it’s necessary that any product used to be formulated for the specific skin type. Sebum (oil) and its production is different between a man’s skin and a woman’s. After puberty, sebum production is greater in males than in females due to androgen secretions and this contributes to longer lasting acne condition. A man’s sebaceous glands contain more positive receptors for androgens, which explains why they have higher sebum production. As men tend to be on the oily side, any product that helps combat oil production is recommended.


Men should start the day with a good face wash. Good cleansers includes Chai’s Skin Laundry III that deeply cleanse to remove excess oil and surface impurities. It contains alpha and beta-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the skin’s dead cell.



For acne-prone skin, this should be followed by Chai’s Sapphire Balancing Clarity Serum to purge pores. This amazing serum is especially effective for men with sebaceous overdrive. It is incredibly clarifying and great for oily skin.




Finally, for deeper exfoliation and more radiant-looking complexion, once a week, try Chai’s Sapphire Peel. This peel physically removes dead skin cells from the topmost layer of skin, and also penetrates deep into pores to unclog trapped oil and debris. Complexion is significantly more firm and brighter-looking!


Collagen Density

Regardless of age, a man’s skin has higher collagen density than a woman’s. Many skin experts believe that higher collagen density accounts for the reason women appear to age faster than men of the same age. It has been said that women are about 15 years older than men of the same age when considering intrinsic ageing of the skin. Both men and women lose collagen at roughly the same rate after their 30th birthday, which is about one percent a year. For women however, this escalates significantly in the first five years post-menopausal then slows back down to a loss of about two percent a year. Most the physical signs of ageing such as wrinkles and skin laxity are closely related to the collagen content of the skin which make men less susceptible to the signs of ageing. However, this is not readily noticeable because men are less sun savvy than women.

How so? – The role of UV exposure in skin ageing, combined with the fact that men do not use sunscreen as often as women. Women are typically more likely to use sun protection as most of women’s skincare products like moisturisers and even foundation come with SPF. Extrinsic ageing from UV exposure can add years to a man’s skin and abate their benefit of slower intrinsic ageing.


Choose a lightweight sunscreen that is suitable for men’s skin. SW1 Shop’s Beach Hat is broadspectrum sunscreen with SPF 50. This incredibly ultra-lightweight formula protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays and helps to prevent premature signs of ageing. This oil-free sunscreen is especially suitable for men and should be worn every day to defend skin from harmful UV rays.



So how does a man’s skin different compared to a woman’s in terms of hydration – male skin appears to be better hydrated than women’s. It is believe that excess sweating and production of lactic acid, which is a natural humectant for the skin accounts for the level of tissue hydration. Having that being said, a good moisturiser is still a crucial part of the daily routine since men too face daily elements that are harmful to the skin. Most face moisturisers are oil-based, which work better for normal to dry skin. Most guys however, have oily skin and are more prone to breakouts and therefore should opt for an oil-control moisturiser.


Chai’s Blue Orchid is a non-comedogenic moisturiser derived from orchids which are renowned for their superb rejuvenating powers. Formulated for problematic skins in need of moisture, this lightweight, clarifying moisturiser is ideal for men and women with oily or combination skin.


Skin Thickness

There are structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s. Androgen stimulation plays an important role in an increase in skin thickness which accounts for why a man’s skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. Besides being thicker, men’s skin texture are also tougher. Although women’s skin is thinner, the thickness remains constant until about the age of fifty and continue to thin as she ages post-menopausal. Whereas, a man’s skin thins gradually with age in a constant manner. Since men’s skin is thicker and their eye area will show wrinkles more visibly.


A good eye serum is vital to slow down visible ageing around the delicate skin around the eyes. Choose Chai’s Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum. This carefully formulated eye serum soothes puffiness and smoothens away fine line and wrinkles in the eye area.




In a nutshell, maintaining healthy and younger-looking skin requires commitment and not a miracle. Therefore men often age quicker despite being less susceptible to ageing, typically those who are less committed to caring for their skin. It’s all about effort, guys!




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