Heavy Metal Fashion Guide

Most of my clothes are black, or close to black, such as dark navy blue. In fact my wardrobe has been filled with dark coloured clothing for as long as I can remember. At 45, I have gotten older, but I still wear black most of the time. Sometimes I pair a black bottom with a white or grey top, and very, very rarely, perhaps something bright. Why do some women wear black all the time? Firstly, it does have a slimming effect, secondly, it is a safe colour, rather like second skin. It is difficult to go terribly wrong in black. Most of the time, people rarely notice black.

But have you noticed that everyone is wearing something metallic, such as silver or gold?

It is almost as if silver has replaced grey, and gold has replaced beige! Whether high-shine or glittery, dresses or coordinates, it takes a little bit of confidence to really get comfortable wearing something bold. And of course, a better body.

If you have been shying from it, here are some tips to help you gear up to wearing metallics.


1. Make It Casual

Denim lovers, take note! Metallic jeans is the styling secret that you will want to try. They work exactly like your pair of denim jeans, but add a little bit of spunk to your favourite matching cotton tee or blouse. To start off, consider wearing a pair of skinny jeans with a hint of glow, before you go to the iridescent shine! Pair it with sneakers or go glam with stilettos!

Mel B and her sassy metallic jeans. Perfect family day out!

2. Pace It With Black

To avoid overdoing it, go back to black. A metallic top or coat can be paired with muted tones. Neutral colours such as black, dark navy, tan, or white are usually safest for the day. In the evening, you can opt for more vibrant metallics to really stand out. Keep jewellery to a minimum, such as a pair of small or medium-sized gold hoops, or a pair of subtle studded earrings. Add on patent pumps for the stylish, designer look.

Go loud with a metal top and go subtle at the same time with a pair of black bottoms and heels. Perfect!

3. It Isn’t Always Formal

Metallic clothing doesn’t have to fully metallic. Find a sweater adorned with sparse sequins, or with woven silver or gold threads. Pair these like you would on a normal day out shopping – a metallic cardigan with blue jeans and white sneakers.

Go attractively confusing with a glamorous glitter skirt, cotton tee and sneakers.

4. But If You Have It, Flaunt It

Instead of going back to black, for a formal evening out, a head-to-toe metallic ensemble can be surprisingly captivating. Note that anything that shines accentuates curves, but it can also be terribly unforgiving for flaws.

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