5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting That Lip Filler

The lips are usually not the first feature that people rush to augment, but in the last 5 years, the plump pout has clearly become popular. We are not talking about simple lip liner jobs which only go as far as giving you limited headway with overlining or shading. We are talking about delectably filled lips, like Kylie Jenner’s.

But before you rush into it, know that lip filler results may not result in the most natural-looking set of lips. We spoke to Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of the SW1 Clinic, and she gave 5 insider tips to help you sidestep the botched filler job and emerge a winner in the sexy lip lane.


1. You Need To Prepare For It


The trend for the plump pout is more than just the lip lining effect. And the thin lipped who wish to embark on the voluminous lipped lane will probably be better off looking at lip filler injections today.

First of all, leave Kylie Jenner’s photo at home. If you have super thin lips and want to go from nothing to everything at one go, the likelihood of having your lips overfilled is probably 100%. Overfilled lips tend to have the cosmetically made (or botched) appearance. The lips are also easily noticed after a filling procedure, so unless you want everyone to see a real difference immediately, it is better to have a little than too much.


Dr Low advises that after you have mentally prepared yourself for it, now prepare for it physically. At least 5 days before the procedure, avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E and alcohol, which can contribute to bruising.


2. The Type Of Filler Used Matters


Hyaluronic acid fillers are the safest, and use only approved fillers.

Beautiful lips should be luscious-looking and smooth, so it is paramount that the filler chosen will not create a lumpy appearance. Most experienced injectors are actually pretty judicious about the filler they use for the lips, says Dr Low. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Boletero are FDA-approved. i.e safe. Most medical aesthetic or plastic surgery clinics use only FDA and HSA-approved fillers, but the same can’t be said for unlicensed injectors such as underground beauty parlours, which almost certainly use products that have not undergone rigorous testing because approved filler distributors are only allowed to sell fillers to licensed clinics. Products that have not undergone rigorous testing may cause allergic or immunologic reactions that can be permanently disfiguring.

Fillers such as Radiesse or collagen stimulators like Sculptra are unlikely candidates so definitely ask if your doctor chooses them for your lip filler job.


3. Don’t Go For All Of It At One Go


Avoid the famous-infamous duck lips by going slow, have several injections over different visits rather than having the “all or nothing” mindset. Less is more in this respect, advises Dr Low.

The key to everything is patience. Lip fillers start to swell from the moment they are injected, and the swelling continues for the next 24 to 48 hours, and last for a few days more. So while it may not seem like a lot when you leave the doctor’s office, don’t get disappointed yet. That is also why Dr Low and her colleagues at SW1 Clinic are less eager to correct mild unevenness within the first week, and wait for swelling to settle before they make the assessment.

That said, 1 milliliter of soft lip fillers is not a lot, and some may require a total of 3 or even 4 milliliters to achieve good results. Most doctors do not inject more than 2 milliliters in one setting, to avoid overfilling.


4. It Is Not Permanent

Dr Low advised that hyaluronic acid fillers are the safest at the moment, and they are preferred because they give a very natural effect, both in appearance and to touch. Filler brands come up with new products every now and then, and she will judiciously test the products before letting her patients try them.

More importantly, it baffles me that there are people out there who insist that temporary filler augmentation procedures are not worth doing because they are not permanent. Hyaluronic acid fillers are safer exactly because they are not permanent, and because they can be easily dissolved if there is a change of heart, or if there are problems, such as lumps.

And here’s some food for thought. Voluminous lips are now the hottest things, but just like how bell-bottoms and platform heels were once the big thing of the 70s, would you put money on big lips being a permanent trend?


5. It Can Make A World Of Difference


Kylie Jenner’s coveted luscious-looking lips. A set of natural-looking filled lips can make a world of difference to the face overall.

Kylie Jenner recently confessed that she got lip fillers at 17 because a boy once thought that she wouldn’t be a good kisser because of her thin lips. (Who would have thought!)

Here’s something even more amazing. Apparently, the brain’s ability to gauge whether something is beautiful or not, is hardwired. Luckily, good doctors such as Dr Low have an eye for beauty. For the lips, the rough ratio of an ideal set of sexy lips should be approximately 1:2 (upper:lower), and the lower lip should make up just under 10% of the lower face. So you can easily see why the world rushed to copy Kylie’s lips because of how it changed her looks after she had hers filled, and likewise beautiful celebrities like Angelina Jolie is also seen by many to possess the perfect pout.

Our brain’s ability to instantly rate beauty may be hardwired. Apparently there is a magical ratio to all things beautiful, and a beautiful face is no different. According to experts, the upper lip should be approximately 53% the thickness of the lower lip and the lower lip should make up about 10% of the lower face. Plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors use the “golden ratio” as their working principle when they work on their patients’ faces.


My take on lip fillers is that for the thin-lipped, it is at least worth a try. After you have prepared for it, try a little and see if you like it. Then build it up. This way no one will really notice and you will not risk having a set of embarrassing “duck lips”.

The results can really be stunning.

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