5 Bra Hacks To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

Life is both fair and unfair. Smaller breasted people, especially the younger ones often relate to lower self-esteem and body image issues growing up. But breast reduction surgeries do exist, and for some reason, most today have come to settle for the middle ground. So the smaller-breasted need not feel too bad, and hopefully these 5 bra hacks will help give your twin peaks a little more “perk”.


1. Get Your Bra In The Correct Size



Breast health research actually exists. And these stress the importance of wearing appropriately sized bras for all women, regardless of size, for health and general well-being! And why not, breasts are actually fleshy weights women are stuck with carrying in one place their entire lives, and these actually put strain on the back. Wearing the right brea size will not only provide support and comfort to your body, it will also make your clothes look better against a well-fitted bra.


2. Get Bras In Material That Support



This is a no-brainer for the small-boobed community. Thin lacy numbers do nothing to help boobs stand out. They look pretty without clothes on, and that’s really about it. Lingerie brands (particularly Japanese ones) have long understood that bras made in firm material fit your twin peaks much more snugly, causing them to look much better.


3. Buy Good Push-Up Bras



Definitely make this investment unless you are willing to go for the real deal that is breast augmentation surgery. But not all live up to the hype, some have too much “push” and not enough padding at the sides, giving you a cleavage but makes it look like you are missing boobs at the bottom or at the sides. They are also usually very snugly fit, so let’s not do any running in these or you might feel as though your skin rubbed off right where the “underwire” ends.

A tip: Boning at the sides push flesh to the center of the chest for the extra oomph!


4. Use Silicon Inserts



Men would call these sneaky little things. These little pads not only push the boobs towards the centre and adds a nice bump to the breasts for shape. Usually sitting just below the breasts, they are useful because they can also be used in any bra or swimsuit!


5. Swoop It Up And Scoop It In



The “Swoop and Scoop” technique ensures every ounce of flesh gets unlifted and squished into the bra. Breast tissue starts much further out in the armpit than most people think and this method ensures you save nothing for places that don’t matter. i.e. everything you need to look more busty goes into the bra. Some people even gather from the back. This habit of daily scooping might really just change your life.


Of course, bra hacks only work if you cover up with clothes, wearing bikinis (especially the flattening triangular ones) still require some work. If you require the “real deal” then breast augmentation surgeries are the surest way to go.

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