Feature Perfect: Feng Shui Beauty Tips

The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui centers around harmonizing the elements of an environment to invite balance, happiness and good luck. While Feng Shui is best known for its use in architecture and decor, ancient Chinese geomancy also suggests that the same principles can be applied to our faces to attract great fortune. Eastern masters of face reading or Mian Xiang believes that the placement, shape and size of a person’s facial “mountains and rivers” carry a wealth of information and predictions about their character and life’s fortune. By highlighting your lucky facial features and correcting the “imbalanced” aspects, you can look your best and boost positive chi energy into your life. Here are 6 key attributes of a lucky prosperous face to emulate for a fabulous new year ahead.



It is believed that those with a smooth and clear complexion will find that their life goes on more smoothly as well. They can achieve what they want with fewer hindrances than most.

Celebrity Inspiration: Fan Bing Bing’s enviably clear, porcelain skin opens the gateway to a bright, smooth future.

Lucky Beauty Tips: A good and consistent skincare regime might be your key to radiant, ageless skin and a good life. A clear forehead ensures that you gain insights and attract powerful mentors in your life. Blemishes (pimples, spots, black moles, scars or deep wrinkles) on the forehead and between their brows should be treated or covered with foundation. The nose (or the “river Jie”) is the repository of money fortune and indicates wealth from many sources. Spots on the tip of the nose are seen as obstacles, so again, black moles here should be removed or covered up.



A pair of sparkling peepers protected by a luscious set of eyebrows indicates good health and prosperity. It is believed that those arches guard you against “attacks” by wandering eyes and jealous people, on top of framing your face.

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Middleton’s bold brows are not only good fengshui, but also adds beauty wow by providing the eyes and face with a youthful, lifted, regal frame.

Lucky Beauty Tips: Eyebrows should never be overly plucked, or you might find difficulty climbing up the ladder of success. The ideal brows should be full, dark, thicker on the inside, tapering smoothly to a narrower end, and has a slight arch. Overly straight, excessively arched or overdrawn brows are not desirable.



Every forehead tells a story in the kind of luck it brings. As the first “prosperity mountain” of the face, the forehead signifies wealth and luck bestowed from the heavens. A forehead that is wide, full, smooth and almost glistening with vitality exudes wisdom and indicates a life of power and authority. Women’s foreheads should be rounder, while men’s foreheads should be slightly straighter to indicate a drive for success. You will find many powerful politicians and successful women with this kind of forehead.


Celebrity Inspiration: Angelina Jolie’s full, smooth, curvaceous upper third brings her much influence and charisma.

Lucky Beauty Tips: Bangs or hair falling over the forehead can block the good fortune that comes with good judgement and good decision-making. Ease away frown wrinkles and forehead worry lines with a touch of Botox to keep your year ahead smooth-sailing and stress-free.



The cheeks signify the best years of one’s mature life (late 20’s-40’s). When cheeks are fleshy, show good symmetry and appear luminous with an inner radiance, it is the surest sign that serious wealth luck is coming.


Celebrity Inspiration: Lily Cole’s model cheeks glisten and glow, and look oh-so-pinchable – very lucky indeed.

Lucky Beauty Tips: A touch of colour instantly infuses the face with good “yang chi”. For women in search of romance, nothing works better than adding pinkish blush tones to illuminate your cheeks. Revive cheeks that appear sallow and dry (a sign of loss of vitality) with hyaluronic acid natural fillers to enhance skin’s youthful supple plumpness and imbue a lit-from-within dewy glow. Contouring makeup and clever hairstyling can visually reduce minor asymmetries and improve your facial structure as well.



The mouth is considered the second river on the face, a.k.a the river Huai. Lips are deemed auspicious when they are delicate, soft and succulent, like lotus. And while your kissers should be plump, they should never be overly large, but balanced and in proportion with the rest of your facial features. Irregardless of its size, lips should always appear moist, since dry lips denotes you are running out of money luck.

Celebrity Inspiration: Monica Bellucci’s invitingly luscious pair not only adds charm and sex appeal to her face, but attracts good fortune as well.

Lucky Beauty Tips: Since the lips are the all-important “communication officer”, always define your lips with lipliners or lipstick to deliver effective communication – especially on days when you need to be heard. Keep your lips plump and moist with proper oral and skin hydration. If the age-old wisdom of drinking plenty of water plus piling on lip serums and lip balms just ain’t cutting it, give dry, dull, droopy, lined, ill-defined or pruned up puckers the kiss-off with moisture-replenishing hyaluronic acid skin boosters. Ill-defined lips with downturned corners denote loneliness in old-age.



A strong chin provides a strong base mountain for the face. Since here is where the wealth of the individual is stored, a prominent, well-shaped chin is suggestive of a person who will accumulate wealth and live a long, fruitful life. Conversely, a receding jawline is sign of personal difficulties in old age and even premature death.

Celebrity Inspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s strong jawline denotes her ability to rally support when need arises.

Lucky Beauty Tips: Contouring makeup can help to enhance and add definition. In more severe cases, chin implants or sculptural fillers will strengthen and reshape a weak chin to bring prosperity to your life, as well as balance and beauty to a more v-shaped visage.




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