Face Your Fortune – Which Facial Features Define Wealth

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. SKINMAG tells you everything you need to know to set things right face-wise for a prosperous year of the Dog.


Prominent and Bright Forehead For A Blessed Life

The forehead is the first wealth spot of the face. Jolin Tsai’s broad and high forehead is envied for its signs of prosperity by the Chinese.

The forehead is considered by the Chinese to be an extremely reliable indicator of wealth, so definitely try and perfect this one as early as you can. Symbolizing luck bestowed by the heavens, it is also considered the prosperity mountain of the face, so it follows that a prosperous forehead should be high, mildly curved and slightly protruding.


SW1 Shop’s Sleep Mode helps keep skin smooth and shiny with its simple and effective sustained release glycolic acid and aloe vera based formula.

Keep your forehead clear and glowing with a gentle chemical exfoliant. SW1 Shop’s Sleep Mode contains sustained release glycolic acid in an oil-free aloe vera gel base and gently exfoliates, reducing the appearance of fine lines and oiliness and also clears up blemished skin.

If you have a slightly bigger problem than just fine lines, smoothen out these deeper lines with some light Botox. Bony foreheads can also become youthful-looking again with dermal filler injections.

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Bright Eyes for Good Living


Smooth skin around the eyes and suitably arched brows frame Chinese beauty Fan Bing Bing’s pair of captivating eyes.

The Chinese have a saying, “The eyes are the windows to one’s soul”. Nothing else indicates a great life better than a pair of bright eyes which can hold a steady gaze.


Have your eyebrows professionally groomed. They should be well arched to “protect” the eyes. The skin around the eyes should be smooth. While skin-tightening treatments for delicate skin around the eyes are rare, SW1 clinic’s Miracle Eye Reviver Program combines SmartX Lite Eyes and Neogen Plasma for the non-invasive total eye rejuvenation and really works. Seeing is believing for this one!

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Full and Rounded Cheeks For Wealth And Vitality


Full, pinchable cheeks is not only a sign of youth, but the Chinese also believe that it is a sign of wealth and vitality.

From the aesthetic standpoint, the shape of a youthful-looking face looks like an inverted triangle. The midface is full and wide, and the lower face is tapered. The Chinese also believe that prominent cheekbones (or fleshy cheeks) mark a serious wealth spot, and sunken cheeks imply a loss of vitality.


Those who suffer from the fate of flat, lifeless-looking cheeks can try cheek filler augmentation such as Cheek Sculpt, where filers are usually placed in the deeper fat pads of the cheeks, for a natural-looking lift.

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Well Defined Prosperity Nose For Good Luck


OK, maybe the nose doesn’t quite have to be that big for prosperity like what the Chinese say, but a well defined nose bridge and a proportionately sized nose is a good compromise between beauty and luck.

The nose is thought to be a repository of wealth and this is more highly regarded in Chinese women. A high, well-defined nose bridge is a prerequisite for a woman who wishes to bring wealth to the man she marries. But contrary to western standards, according to the Chinese, the rounder and fleshier a nose is, the more wealth the woman brings.

This is a serious toughie. Since one’s nose is married to the rest of the face, SKINMAG has decided that it is best to have a proportionately sized nose instead.


Minimally invasive nose filler augmentation can give one’s nose bridge a nice lift, and nose threadlift augmentation techniques such as the 3D Noselift can further rotate the tip upwards and make the nostrils appear slightly smaller.

Moles at the tip of the nose are major signs of misfortune, so have these removed as soon as possible.

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Mesmerize And Persuade With The Pearl Lip


Lip filler augmentation can create volume, hydrate lips from within, and also reshape, such as creating the “pearl lip”, believed by the Chinese to be a sign of good life especially seen in young children.

This is the little fleshy protrusion at the middle of the upper lip. Pearls are considered gems of social class and prestige to the Chinese, so obviously the coveted pearl of the lip is highly regarded and closely associated with wealth and luck. The pearl lip also suggests a strong, innate ability of speech, which is also associated with prosperity and success in life.


Moist lips symbolise money, so augment the lips with hyaluronic acid fillers to give a little volume and to hydrate dry lips. The “phoenix pearl” can be easily created at the same time.


Strong Chin To Hold Everything Up


A weak chin looks like the contents of the face are pouring into the neck. Chin and jawline filler augmentation define the lower face and this makes up a “strong base” for the face.

This is considered the “base” of the mountain (face). An auspicious chin is slightly protruding and somewhat fleshy-looking. A prominent chin is able to store wealth and predicts a long and fruitful life.


The chin is the most understated facial feature. Most people wouldn’t rush to augment their weaker-looking chins first, even if their lower faces are the most poorly defined. But chin envy is real, and people with weak chins look like their facial features are pouring directly into their necks. To turn your luck around, frame your lower face with chin and/or jawline fillers. There is little chance of having an overly strong-looking chin if you start with a little fillers first and then add more if desired.


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