Christmas Beauty Fix: Post-Party Skin Savers

Christmas Eve has come and gone. As much as we love a good time, all those late nights and booze can wreak a havoc on our skin. All we have left with is a massive hangover, feeling sluggish and bloated, and maybe a few extra wrinkles and fine lines. It is now time to bounce back from a splurge with these post-party skin savers.

Ultimate Deep Cleansing

Heavy makeup, stress and pollution from all the party hoping can affect your skin terribly. Besides working on cleaning your internal system, it is also crucial to thoroughly cleanse your skin. SKIN highly recommends Deep Deep Clean Facial offered by The SW1 Spa. This is a real treat for tired, problem complexions. This ultimate deep cleansing treatment is excellent for congested complexions as it deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it soft and clear. The facial begins with Aquadermabrasion which helps to melt away the dead skin cells while promoting healthy lymphatic flow. When the skin is properly exfoliated and rejuvenated, your pores are more willing to let go of the impactions with Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing. The ultrasonic technology uses vibrational sound waves to help remove further impurities and clogged pores leaving your skin clear and radiant.

Ultrasonic Cleansing removes surface impurities with tiny vibrations, which is effective yet super gentle on skin pores. [Image from]
Best for: Deep-cleansing and pore-purging for problem, tired skins, clogged pores and other heavy make-up users.

Post-Party Detox

With all the parties, festive meals and high glycemic index treats surrounding you for the past month, it’s likely that you’ll experience the unpleasant aftermath of a holiday eating spree. If you’re looking to undo the damage of your holiday splurging, help is here! The first step is to flush out the hangover by detoxing your body. Flush out all of the party night’s indulgences by drinking a tall glass of warm water with lemon. Once your body recover from dehydration, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day as they will help replenish the vitamins flushed our by the alcohol. Opt for lean lunch or light meals that are easy to digest. Swap your plate for a refreshing Greens-in-a-Glass detox drink for days following a high-calorie party. Try making your own smoothie with 1 cup of nutrient-rich baby spinach, 1/2 cup of cucumber chunks, 1 stalk of celery, 1/2 cup of carrots, 6-ounce plain Greek yogurt and 5 ice cubes. It is best to blend your own as most commercial juice drinks are primarily carbohydrates. Also, indulge in an aromatic bath with a few drops of essential oils like grapefruit, patchouli or lemon will help detoxify you. Last but not least, hit the reset button with exercise. A 45-minute brisk walk or cardio would be best. You’ll sweat off the uncomfortable bloat and release mood-boosting endorphins to put you in the right frame of mind to make healthy choices the rest of the week!

Eye Revival

Tired eyes? An “eye-cial” might do the trick!

Waking up with a massive hangover and puffy eyes? Studies have shown eye bags are significantly darker not only from sleep deprivation and colder weather but too much alcohol intake and water retention are one of the main culprits. Try some home remedies like soaking green tea bags in warm water and placed over the eyes for a couple of minute will reduce puffiness. Slices of cucumber have a similar effect as well. And of course, avoid alcohol intake, salty food and keep your head raised on an extra pillow in bed will minimise fluid build-up.

If you have a few hours to spare, pamper yourself with a visit to a professional spa to revive your tired looking eyes. Genius Eye Firmx is designed to tackle puffy eyes and dark eye circles. This ‘eye-cial’ can be done as an add-on or standalone therapy. The treatment starts with pumpkin enzyme peel to tackle periorbital fine lines and wrinkles. The main feature of this peeper-perfecting treatment is the Eye Sonic therapy, which permeates hyaluronic acid into the skin intensely leaving the skin under-eyes looking younger, hydrated and refreshed.

For a more intense rejuvenation to resurrect dry, sunken and tired looking eyes post-holidays, Revitalift Eye is your saviour. With a series of painless microinjections of natural hyaluronic acid, this procedure helps to rejuvenate the windows of your soul by promoting collagen growth and improving skin hydration under the eyes. For the ultimate eye treatment, try SW1 Clinic’s Eye Illuminator Program. Designed for tired, sunken, dark undereyes, this treatment revives the delicate skin around the eyes with undereye quattro toning and painless skin lifting around the eyes with SygmaLift. There will be no dry eyes in the house after this treatment, that’s for sure!






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