Is Filler Fusion The Latest Underground Treatment?


Many people have talked about getting fillers done, some with better results than others. Recently, I came across a new take on an old procedure called “Filler Fusion”. This off-the-menu treatment involves not just one type of filler for the face but a composite of several different natural hyaluronic acid fillers as well as collagen stimulators on the face to achieve a youthful yet natural uplifted look. Apparently, this is one of the most requested treatment by SW1 loyalists.

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I was naturally excited to give this a shot as soon as I received my press invite. I am naturally reticent about what goes into my face. I have very sensitive skin (thanks to my half korean parentage) and unfortunately not the best of both worlds from my ancestors. I am beginning to show some signs of ageing around my eyes and mouth, and desperately keen for some refresher without over going the way of the pillow faces or the plastic Barbie doll lookalikes.

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My face was put through a thorough assessment by Dr Kenneth Lee; who set my mind at ease right away with his professionalism and expertise. He recommended that I have a blend of natural fillers, starting with Boletero Soft to airbrush away all the fine lines around my eyes and lips, a touch of Emervel Volume on the apples of my cheeks to lift my slightly deflated mid-face, and a sweep of Revitalift over my dark eye circles left over from my insomniac nights. He felt my chin looks okay but on my insistence (I was on a warpath for maximal impact, this beauty transformation thing is quite addictive), agreed that I could have a tiny accentuation of Perlane at the tip of my chin to contour my jawline. The final touch would be a gentle sweep of a collagen-stimulator Dream sculpture at the sides of my face to accelerate my skin’s natural collagen growth which will provide my face with a progressive anti-aging effect over the next twelve months.

Where your face may needs a filler top up

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To be honest, my initial apprehension gave way to immense excitement and joy while I watched Dr Kenneth Lee meticulously measure and plan my transformative journey. Even my fear of needles dissipated, especially when I was told special tiny designer needles will be used for the fine work.

Facial Fillers at SW1
Facial Fillers at SW1

I was warned about the usual side effects of pin prick marks and bruising. The nurse gave me a list of precautions to take which included instructions to avoid alcohol and aspirin which would minimize my chances of bruising. To be honest, I wasn’t terribly worried about bruising, I had a great tub of cover mark concealer at home but I didn’t think then was the time to bring it up and interrupt her.

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How Loss of Volume occurs
Loss of facial volume occurs as our facial fat pads shrink over time, giving rise to sunken areas and sagging cheeks

The little injections were virtually painless, I almost didn’t feel the chin fillers, nor the cheek fillers which I thought would be the most trying. Of all the injections, if I had to choose one as being the most uncomfortable, it would have to be the ones around my lips, but I was forewarned that lips were sensitive areas. Even then, it was more than tolerable. I had mild pin prick marks lasting for 2 days, not aided by the glass of prosecco I sneaked in that evening.But when I looked into the mirror that weekend, I was stunned at the visible transformation that one afternoon had achieved. My cheeks now look lifted and my lines have all diminished! My dark eye circles are a shade lighter and overall, I look better than I ever did before, even with only a light dusting of powder and lip balm. Best of all, I still looked like myself but a much much better version. It reminded me of the one summer in Nice eight years ago when my friends and I spent a month vacationing and living our lives to the max — we were young and carefree then. I felt that I had gone back that far in terms of how I looked.

Now that’s a real transformation.

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