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Perfect Pairs: Your Guide to Beauty Dynamic Duos

Breakfast this morning. My sinful peanut butter and jelly generously spread on a warm bed of thick white toast. I looked across the table, my husband was about to dig into his freshly prepared maple syrup waffles. Before that, he scooped up a teaspoon of creamy vanilla bean ice-cream. Do I like peanut Continue Reading

How to Keep the Holiday Pounds Off

‘Tis the season of overdulgence – the time of year where we throw our healthy diet plans out of the festive window in favor of an annual gorge-fest, leading to almost irreparable damage to our waistlines that our New Year fitness resolutions (which few rarely keep) cannot fix. Researchers have been estimated that Continue Reading

How to Get Gorgeous for Christmas

If you’re on a mission to look flawless this holiday season, don’t leave it to the last minute. Get a headstart with tips from aesthetic doctor and beauty guru, Dr Low Chai Ling from The Sloane Clinic, for a beauty forecast that’s a 100 percent chance of Gorgeous!   BLOOM & GLOW THIS Continue Reading

Love for Life – The Health Benefits of Kissing

Whether it’s a goodnight smack with the summer fling or a passionate tonsil tennis with your squeeze, there’s a whole lot more to a kiss than a simple collision of lips and tongue. Flu scares aside, smooching actually jogs up a spectrum of physiological processes to spruce up your body.   BOOST IMMUNITY Continue Reading

How to Cheat Your Way to Tip-Top Shape

We ALL know the drill: Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily, load up on greens plus eight glasses of skyjuice, and pile on six layers of skincare as recommended by cosmetic companies every morning and night. Alas, alack… Our arduous path to pink of health with its accompanying svelte silhouette and radiant Continue Reading