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Pregnancy Glow Skincare: What To Use And What To Ditch

Pregnant women know what foods to avoid during pregnancy but ask them the same about pregnancy-safe skincare and chances are they won’t know which skincare ingredients are unsafe. Does that mean you should be resigned to looking drab for the next 9 months? According to Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of the SW1 Clinic, author of pregnancy care book In Full Bloom (which details pregnancy-safe remedies for irritated or lacklustre skin from her professional and personal experience) and mother of 2, there is absolutely no reason for women to abandon their beauty routines during their pregnancies. She advises instead, simplify your beauty routine. “The more products you use, the more likely you are going to run into chances of using an unsafe product. So unless you are very sure, select your baby-safe skincare range that supports frequent cellular turnover and add specific serums or creams that target issues such as uneven skintone, pigmentation or greasy skin”.   Pregnancy-safe Anti-grease and Anti-Acne Products Blotting paper may not be everyone’s thing. Continue Reading