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Best Face Forward – The Rise Of Male Aesthetic Treatments

If you thought only women spend too much time and money on anti-aging and beauty treatments, think again. 10 years ago, the male aesthetic market may have been in its infancy but today it has bloomed into something much bigger, as more and more men have become open to the idea of investing in their own aesthetic enhancement.   BEST FACE FORWARD – WHY MEN ARE TURNING TO AESTHETIC TREATMENTS Surgeries range from the nose job, liposuction, breast reduction for gynecomastia and so on, but what surprises people is that men are also experimenting with non-invasive injectables, such as treatments to soften or erase fine lines, to sharpen their jawlines and non-invasive skin tightening procedures to take a few years off their faces. “Men are seeking rejuvenation procedures are not simply wanting to look beter or younger. Some of them do it for the sake of their careers. They are at the peak of their lives and careers, and want to look every bit like it” says Dr Kenneth Lee, Continue Reading

How Does A Man’s Skin Differ From A Woman’s?

Men age like a fine wine, while women age like a glass of milk – as the old saying goes. Unfortunate but true, ladies. We are more prone to earlier facial ageing than our male counterparts (Unfair? We know!). So how are they different? Well, besides having facial hair, there are other structural distinctions between a man’s skin and a woman’s. The ability to grow a beard is just one glaring distinction among many others that are not so obvious. These differences in the skin are important as they create differences in their skin care regime. So, stop and think again the next time you want to share your skincare with your boyfriend! Sebum Production Men’s skin is much oilier than women’s skin, therefore men need products that absorb more readily into the skin and ones that take its oily nature into consideration. While not every single skincare product needs to be gender specific, it’s necessary that any product used to be formulated for the specific skin type. Sebum (oil) Continue Reading