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How to Keep the Holiday Pounds Off

‘Tis the season of overdulgence – the time of year where we throw our healthy diet plans out of the festive window in favor of an annual gorge-fest, leading to almost irreparable damage to our waistlines that our New Year fitness resolutions (which few rarely keep) cannot fix. Researchers have been estimated that the Continue Reading

Secret Spot Saboteurs – Acne Culprits you might have Missed

You probably already know that there are two famous culprits behind the breakout: Hormones and genetics. If you’ve trying to incorporate a strict skincare routine and stress-soothing, hormone-calming measures but to no avail, don’t lose hope! You might want to check if you are missing out on some sneaky pimple-producing perpetrators. SKIN exposes six Continue Reading

Eating for Two – Diet Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not the all-you-can-eat nine-month long buffet as you might think. Sure, you need sufficient nutrients to give baby the best start in life. And yes, you’ll most likely experience cravings too. But eating a balanced diet now is more important now than ever – eating right (not necessarily much more) during pregnancy Continue Reading