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How Fillers Can Give An Unnatural Look

A mild facelift effect is now possible without having to go under the knife, thanks to the invention of dermal fillers. Usually made up of hyaluronic acid, a natural compound found in our own body, fillers have become quick fixes for restoring volume due to fat or bony loss, and erasing fine lines Continue Reading

What Should a 45-Year Old Look Like?

That is the question puzzling scientists from all across the globe. Researchers have found that humans age at vastly different rates, with some showing signs of premature ageing at a relatively young age, while others still looking youthful well into their fifties! What are the factors that result in such vastly differing ageing Continue Reading

Which is the best: Threadlift, Filler or Ultherapy?

  With the explosion of lunchtime rejuvenation procedures available, many women are at a loss as to what is the most suitable aesthetic treatment for their faces. The issues facing one looking for non-surgical rejuvenation enhancement techniques are: (1) the extent of what they can accomplish (2) the downtime (this varies between individuals, Continue Reading

There’s Hope! Why 60 is the New 30

Suddenly, growing old doesn’t seem so scary. A recent string of silver-stranded cover girls are putting some serious sexy back into the sexagenarian. Take for example, the 82-year-old supermodel, Carmen Dell’Orefice, who gave girls a quarter of her age a run for their money as she dazzled in New You magazine’s spring issue with a Continue Reading

Fast Track to Fabulous: Lunchtime Fixes That WORK

Hey, busy bee! Even if your schedule is packed to the brim, every girl needs a little primping, along with a good dose of well-deserved pampering. SKIN sussed out four stellar lunchtime beauty quickies around town to keep you looking like the polished girl about town in no time.   GO STRIP PEEL Continue Reading