5 Things Women In Their 40s Should Do To Look 10 Years Younger

The 30s is a good time to start some anti-aging measures. By the time we hit our 40s, it is time to get serious about them. In this decade, most women start bring conscious of visible aging signs, which are more pronounced, such as fine lines around the eyes, increasing pigmentation, rougher skin texture and loose, droopy skin resulting in deeper smile lines. So as the not-so-sutble signs make themselves known, you can either accept them and move on with life, or you can opt for specific treatments that can halt and even reverse the appearance of some of these details.   1. THE ANNUAL COLLAGEN-BOOSTING WORKOUT Hitting the 40s means that as the skin stops producing as much collagen and sucuumbs to gravity, resulting in increasingly sagging skin. When the skin sags, the most visible signs of aging are deepening smile lines, a disappearing jawline, jowls and droopy brows or eyelids. An easy and effective treatment to start with is the Trinity Facelift Program, which consists of Ultherapy and Continue Reading

Age-Proof Your Hair With These Doctor-Approved Tips

When it comes to hair loss, genetics and age play major roles. While you might not be able to trade limp-thin-prematurely-ageing genes for shampoo-ad DNA, there are many other factors that are in your hands. Stress, stealth dietary deficiencies and hormonal imbalance are just a few of the most common strand saboteurs triggering increased shedding or accelerating the age-related thinning; as is subjecting your crowning glory to frequent abuse from hair dyes, perms, tight hairstyles, hair dryers and other heated styling tools. So thick, luscious hair might be just a few lifestyle tweaks away! Besides ensuring your diet contains plenty of hair-raising nutrients such as lean and soy proteins, iron and biotin (yes, you tend to lose more than weight with overly restrictive diets), the latest medical hair innovations are very helpful to counter the effects of an ageing scalp and our fast-paced urban lifestyle.   THE SW1 HAIR CLINIC Medical clinics that offer comprehensive hair restoration services are still a rarity in Singapore. Doctors of the SW1 Clinic, one of Continue Reading

Still Getting Acne As An Adult? Here’s Why

When we were teenagers, acne could be explained away as “growing pains”. So we waited for the big day when we would no longer be kids and the acne would finally be gone. But when acne lingers on into adulthood, skin broken out becomes a haunting – affecting our lives socially (and some say, professionally).   THE UNFAIR REASONS WHY WE GET ADULT ACNE Disappointingly, the state of things now is that no one really understands the difference in the cause of teen versus adult acne. The same factors seem to cause both, such as overactivity of oil glands, acne-causing bacteria, clogged pores and hormonal fluctuations. In adulthood, fluctuating hormones can be caused by stress and inflammation. Here are top tips from aesthetic doctors on how to deal with adult acne.   KEEP IT SIMPLE Sometimes, too much of a good thing can actually be bad. Dealing with acne that never seems to completely go away is frustrating and sometimes we get over zealous with our acne products. A mild, Continue Reading

Eye For Beauty- How To Subtract Years Off Your Eyes

Have you wondered how the most beautiful women in the world maintain their youthful looks? The old adage is indeed true, that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Bright eyes are naturally attractive, so keep the years away by taking care of the delicate skin around the eyes with these tips.   Remove Dark Undereye Circles Tear troughs are grooves that sit between the lower eyelid and the cheeks., creating a hollow that makes one look tired. Some tear troughs are genetic but others can be due to aging. Tear trough fillers, often made of hyaluronic acid, can be used to plump up sunken undereye hollows under the eyes, lifting the tear trough to the level of the lower eyelid and the cheek, smoothening the appearance of the area.   Optimize Hydration of Your Lower Eyelids The skin around our eyes is unlike that of the rest of the face. It is thin, so the aging process usually shows the earliest in the eyelids. Unlike dark undereye circles, Continue Reading

Non-Surgical Nose Enhancements Decoded

In the past, if you wanted to change how your nose looked like, you had only the surgical nose job to look forward to. Now, injectable dermal fillers are actually a thing, and these miraculous things can actually transform your nose in less than 30 minutes. But wait, even more recently, nose threadlifts have gained their own foothold in the market. Just what exactly are all the options for someone who wants a new nose, and which ones are suitable for you? How can inserting a gel or thin suture threads into the nose make it look smaller?   1. Nose Fillers Also known as the “Liquid nose job”, this lunchtime procedure is magically transformative. Dermal nose fillers in a gel form are injected into the nose and last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. These fillers are commonly made of a biodissolvable substance such as hyaluronic acid, and your body dissolves the filler over time. These are great for augmenting the nose bridge, correcting curves, bumps and lumps. Continue Reading