The Pain of Dark Eye Circles

As a fellow sufferer of dark eye circles, I understand your pain. For some, sleeping earlier might solve all their problems. But not for me. At this point, dark eye circles are more annoying than anything. Even with concealor, my dark eye circles are still very noticeable. So much so that new friends will ask if I am a night owl. On the contrary, I typically sleep before 12am. How am I still a victim of dark eye circles? So, I have scavenged the web and found some remedies that will hopefully help me get rid of my nemesis for good.   Home Remedies According to this article, they recommend applying a cold compress under the eyes. Apparently, it helps to reduce puffy eyes and reduce dark circles. For 20 minutes, apply a cloth wrapped with ice cubes under your eyes. Alternatively, they also recommend putting cold tea bags under the eyes as caffeine from the tea helps with stimulating blood circulation. This can help shrink the blood vessels at Continue Reading

3 Quick Fixes to Make You Look Younger

Wouldn’t it be great if we could freeze time to when we’re 21? That optimism for life, full of energy and youthful face. You might lose that optimism and energy inevitably, but you don’t have to lose your youthful face! YOUTH SAVANT It is important to get to the root of the problem. And Youth Savant can do just that for you. Its main strength is its ability to target the root cause of ageing, which is your DNA. With Polydexoyribonucleotide (PDRN) as its main ingredient, it offers both physicochemical properties as well as biological properties. Hydration, tissue repair, wound healing, anti-inflammation, restoring skin elasticity, what is there that Youth Savant can’t achieve? (Into the science of this treatment? Click here for some case studies about the benefits!) Patients who undergo regular treatment sessions have also experienced whitening and brightening effects! Best of all, there is little downtime, and you can resume daily activities with no issues.   YOUTH PRESERVE  Youth Preserve complements Youth Savant as the former targets the Continue Reading

Oh no, I Have White Hair. Now What?

White hair oh white hair, what a vexing problem. There’s nothing we can do to prevent white hair from growing. Afterall, it is all part of ageing. Apart from ageing, it can also be caused by external factors such as stress, bad lifestyle habits like smoking. Some might find white hair unsightly, so what can we do about our white hair?   Hair Dye The market is saturated with many products to cover white hair. Regular salon visits are part of some’s monthly self-care routine. Depending on your preference for a new fresh coat of colour, or just a touch up of the hair roots, it can be costly. This is why box dyes are here to the rescue. Cheap, convenient, and efficient, these things get the job done in a jiffy. More recently, there has also been a more convenient and efficient way of covering your roots, and that is in the form of hair spray.   Reversing Grey Hair 10 years ago, reversing grey hair might seem like Continue Reading

PM Routine for an Overwhelming day

Life is never smooth sailing. Difficult days are part and parcel of life. Hence, it is important to learn to deal with it. Although some of the problems we are dealing with can’t be solved that easily, having a way to wind down and relax would surely help a lot. Many people deal with stressful days by winding down with some alcohol and some relaxing music. But have you tried to put yourself in a better mood through your skincare routine? Here are some things that you would need:   Undo Super Gentle Foaming Cleanser  This gentle foaming cleanser is the thing you need after a long day. Along with your problems, the debris on your skin will be washed off by the cleanser. The presence of moisturizing agents also adds to the gentleness of this product. Unlike reality, this product is not harsh on your skin and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. After using this product, you’ll be left feeling like a baby – clean and unblemished Continue Reading

3 Products With Jojoba Oil You Should Know

Jojoba oil is well-known for the wonders it can do to your hair. But did you know that it can be used for your face too? After reading about the benefits of jojoba oil for the face, I immediately began my hunt for products that contain jojoba.   Pink sake moisturizer Apart from hydrating your face, this pretty moisturizer also helps to rejuvenate and brighten your tired skin. Jojoba oil adds to the moisturizing factor of this product, sealing your skin with a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. There is no need to worry about leaving a greasy residue on your face since this lightweight moisturizer is fast absorbing. Hydrated, bouncy and bright skin is what you can look forward to after incorporating it into your routine!   Gold Oil Retinol  Don’t neglect your neck! Necklines can add on a few years to your age. Perfect to target necklines, this product combines 3 different oils – jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and rosehip oil to maintain your youth. Oxidative Continue Reading