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Why Some Women Look Younger Than Others

You know that frustratingly gorgeous friend of yours? The one who puts on some Chapstick and walks out the door, no problem, and still gets carded at way past 21? Scientists have finally figured out what her deal is. And no, it’s not (just) plastic surgery.   Not Too Little, Not Too Much Goldilocks’ principle Continue Reading

What You’ll Be Wearing This Year, According to Google

Planning on peplums? So 2014. A tulle midi skirt? Pretty please! If 6 billion fashion-related queries by Google users are any indication of this year’s hottest fashion trends. In a bid to become a bigger player in fashion and e-commerce beyond its search engine and advertising platform, Google is compiling twice-yearly trend reports based Continue Reading

The Good Luck Club: Fab Finds for a Prosperous 2015

We wouldn’t call ourselves superstitious, but we’re definitely not ones to turn our backs on a good-luck charm either. While people have been wearing ancient amulets and motifs since the beginning of time, talisman fine jewellery and accessories are seeing greater popularity this season. With their breathtaking beauty and splendid craftsmanship, what’s not Continue Reading

Dating Tips – 5 First Date Flops to Avoid

Undeniably, first impressions count.  Whether you are a guy or a gal, these first date fiascos should be avoided at all cost, especially if you want to see the light of a follow-up date. While seasoned couples may relish in farting in each other’s faces, this is a territory solely reserved for those Continue Reading